Let’s be honest – how is your edging stored? Are all the edges stored correctly? Or are they just piled on top of each other in the workshop corner?

Warehousing costs money. The experts at Ostermann recommend that as many edges as possible are only purchased when they are needed in the quantities that are needed. This unified approach not only saves processing costs, it also eliminates unnecessary and often redundant stock.

With the Ostermann just-in-time delivery service, small quantities from one metre are reliably delivered within 24 hours. Nevertheless, there are always times when excess material is left.

Thus, with relevance for even the smallest edging storage, here are some tips from the experts in edging:

How should edges be stored?
To prevent deformation, rolls of edging should always be lying – never standing!

They should be protected from dust, splashes and UV light, stacked in a windowless room or a locked cabinet.  UV light destroys the applied primer. The best storage temperature is a uniform 17-20°C.

Veneer and end-grain edgings are best stored in a sealed plastic bag so that they do not dry out and become brittle.

What is the perfect way to store edgings?
The perfect edging store consists of individual, differently sized shelves. The size of the shelves should be at least 800 x 800 mm. Ideally, different levels of shelves are for different width edgings.

The edging rolls are individually inserted so that they lie flat. You can then easily see which edging is on what shelf.

It is also recommended to label each roll with supplier information, code, width and thickness as well as the amount of edging left.

With a door to protect the edging from dust and light, the edgings will be stored in the best way.

Simple and practical: ticket holders
With the Ostermann App, Ostermann customers have the ability to generate QR codes for their frequently-ordered edgings. If an edging is needed, just scan the QR code and the order is in the basket.

The confirmation of the basket can be done via the app and the new online shop. To attach the QR codes to the shelves, Ostermann suggests and provides self-adhesive QR code/ticket holders.

They can be attached to the front of the shelf and the QR code can be simply inserted.

Instruction for building an edging storage cupboard
Interested parties can immediately download a free building instruction for an edging storage cupboard from the Ostermann website. Remember to use any workshop creativity to customise the project for your specific needs. Ostermann welcomes any photos of finished projects.

In conclusion, small amounts of left-over edging should be immediately disposed of, or carefully stored. Due to the very large storage capacity the long-term security of supply is a very special Ostermann service.

With the rapid 24-hour delivery service for stock items, ordered goods are delivered quickly to site.