SCM’s CNC machining centre, model Accord 40FX, is perfect for the production of windows, doors, stairs, solid wood components and for all those processes that require a high level of machining while maintaining high standards in terms of precision and finishing quality.

Maximum precision is guaranteed even at high machining speeds over the whole machining area, due to the rigidity of the structure with the mobile gantry achieved by twin motors.
Easy profiling on large section components is available with the five-axis machining head, designed specifically for the most demanding requirements. Faster work cycles are possible by using double profile tools, that is, two cutters fitted on the same support, in order to reduce the number of tool changes.

Matic provides minimum set-up times for the worktable with motorised bars and each holding-down clamp or suction cup is fitted with their own independent motors, which allows for simultaneous movement with lasting safety and reliability, with fast coupling by the press of a button and without any external tools, ideal for machining pre-finished and finished door and window frames.

The Pilot control system enables positioning of clamps or cups by the operator and is guided and controlled by the workpiece program. Magnetic sensors detect the correct position of all components eliminating any risk of collisions. The display on the mobile console shows the position for each element and provides a real time view of all movements until the correct position is reached.

Capacity in the X-axis is from 3680 to 6360mm and in the Y-axis from 1680 to 1905mm with a generous 350mm component passage. With the multi-function table, the machining area in Y can be up to 2120mm.

The machining heads can have independent Z axes so tool changing can take place on one head as the other head is machining on the worktable. Greater productivity by performing all the accessory machining on the door and window frames with the BRC patented multi-function unit (Boring-Routing-Cutting).

A wide variety of powerful and reliable machining heads is available with up to five interpolating axes. SCM’s own routing heads with HSK 63E tool-holding are powerful for the heaviest of machining operations.

Drilling (14-50 spindles) and sawing heads can be fitted to the Accord 40FX to meet individual requirements, with the Prisma five-axis head capable of machining up to 10° below the horizontal axis.

As an alternative, SCM’s exclusive multi-function worktable allows the use of a whole range of equipment and accessories designed to meet all component support and hold-down requirements. The robust aluminium table has grooves and holes for optimum positioning of any type of support.

A laser point is very fast showing where the precise points where the suction cups must be placed. The MPS system is practical and easy to use. As the table is machined by the machine itself, perfect flatness and precision is guaranteed. Therefore machining of plastics, resins and alloys can be safely carried out.

A wide variety of tool-changers is available. Reduction of down times with tool-changing in just five seconds (wood-wood) is due to the Mach 5 tool-changer device. The machine is always equipped for any machining needs using the TRC chain magazine with 48 locations for large dimensioned and double-profile tools. The Rapid 12 on-board tool-changer allows tool changes in masked time and can be combined with additional magazines such as Rapid 16 or 24. High performance and energy saving is possible with the EPP – Eco Power Pack.