The SCM Group is widely recognised as a world leader for machinery to manufacture windows and doors, continuously offering technological innovations which mean that its products always move with the times and represent the very latest production trends.

With contained, specifically targeted investments, the SCM Group offers small door and window manufacturing companies, numerous solutions that are able to guarantee high productivity and a top quality finished product, working in a flexible and simple fashion.

For medium and large size companies, the SCM Group has always been on the cutting edge, with integrated CNC machines and lines that meet any technological requirement and a high level of productivity, again with the very best quality finished products.

As the industry’s largest manufacturer of classical woodworking machinery, SCM has a wide range of machines including planers, thicknessers, spindle moulders (with HSK technology), single-end tenoners and planer moulders for the smaller joinery manufacturer which can offer its customers high class windows and doors at competitive prices.

The majority of the latest machines are now fitted with programmers so that changing over from one job to the next is simple and fast – providing flexibility and fast delivery times as well as an excellent finish on all individual components.

For the larger window and door manufacturer, SCM can offer CNC machining centres and dedicated machinery and production lines. For example, long established and leading UK joinery manufacturer, Howarth Windows and Doors, has recently installed two SCM Accord CNC machining centres, an Accord 20FX and a high specification Accord 40FX at its New Holland, north Lincolnshire factory.

Howarth Windows and Doors produce sash, casement, shaped, arched, gothic, profiled and cambered head windows and all types of doors including entrance doors and frames and bi-fold doors as well as associated joinery products, all from european redwood obtained from well managed sustainable sources.

SCM’s model Dogma is the more flexible and economic way for window frame production. It is a completely enclosed machine in order to reduce noise to a minimum and ensure safe working conditions, but also very accessible for changing cutters, tools and maintenance. Valuable floor space is reduced to a minimum. HSK technology is available in both tenoning and profiling operations.

A number of CNC window and door systems can be offered, for example: System 1 for high productivity and medium flexibility producing 40,000 windows per year; System 5S for medium productivity and high flexibility producing 30,000 windows per year; and System 8C for both high productivity and flexibility producing 45,000 windows per year.

Producing windows and timber doors, SCM offers leadership in window and solid wooden door production with up to 150 complete windows or solid wooden doors per shift in batch-one production.

The window production process involves making wooden or wooden-aluminium sashes and frames. The solid wooden doors production process involves making frames and raised panel doors. Production plant featuring complete and flexible lines for the production of doors and windows varying in type and dimensions, with DMC sanders, auto assembly machinery and Superfici finishing equipment are all available from within the SCM Group in integrated lines.