When George Federico of Gibraltar Joinery and Building Services Ltd made the journey from the Rock to a Daltons Wadkin open day in Nottingham last July, the comprehensive outcome with regard to the re-equipping of their workshops was little envisaged.

The company responded to a mailshot from Alex Dalton and after viewing the many machines in its showrooms – and subsequent visits to Gibraltar by sales director Andy Walsh – orders were placed for an initial batch of five machines.

These includes a new Stenner ST100R resaw, Salvador Classic 50 Up-cut crosscut saw, Sedgwick tenoner, Wadkin 5-Series widebelt sander and BEL spindle moulder, together with an entirely new dust extraction system by The Woodwork Dust Control Company.

This was all tied in with a requirement for Daltons Wadkin engineers to travel to Gibraltar to install and commission the equipment and also carry out upgrading and on-site servicing on its existing machines.

The new machines were delivered in November and the engineering team followed soon after to carry out the necessary work on site with just enough time to enjoy a quick look around Gibraltar at the same time!

More business is currently being negotiated including further service work and the proposed installation of several more new machines to replace older items in Gibraltar Joinery’s extensive workshops.

Accordingly, further visits to Gibraltar will be required by Daltons Wadkin engineers –which they are not complaining about! – and from Gibraltar Joinery’s point of view, they were delighted to find that Daltons Wadkin could meet all their requirements with high-profile quality equipment, and at the same time, provide all the additional services the company required – a one stop shop in effect.

Daltons Wadkin sales director, Andy Walsh, comments: “It is not every day you get a sales opportunity like the one provided by Gibraltar Joinery. It is a most interesting destination for our products and it was a pleasure to be able to visit and negotiate with Michael Estella and George Federico during my visit.”

Gibraltar Joinery provides timber and bespoke joinery and building services throughout Gibraltar and adjoining areas in Spain. The company is also a contractor to the dockyards and other public sector industries, occupying an important place in Gibraltar’s commercial activities.