When the conversation turns to wide belt sanders it is not long before the brand Boere is mentioned. Not surprising really as the company has been producing Wide Belt Sanders for over 70 years and with over 1000 installations in the UK you are never very far away from one.

Boere is one of the few specialist producers of sanding machines left, whilst others have been diluted into groups, Boere still remains a family company producing only sanding machines. Boere not only produce machines for wood they also offer machines for metal, rubber, foam and plastics.

When you ask Boere sales manager Paul Boot what is the success of the Dutch company his reply is simple: “We produce very good quality machines, that’s all we do, every day”

The design of all Boere machines is based on four basic rules: the machine should be strong and reliable, not expensive to maintain and easy to operate. “We want our machines to operate for decades, not years,” adds Paul “with great customer service, we don’t want our customers waiting for service when they need us”

Boere is distributed in the UK by Calderbrook Woodworking Machinery, which has a network of specialist trained engineers on Boere machines. Managing director Tony Hoyle has been selling Boere machines for over 40 years “I installed the first Boere sander brought into the UK,” he says “in 1974, and it’s still in and working!”

One of the major leaps forward by Boere in the last 10 years has been the introduction of new technology Tony explained, “We have technology where needed, no fancy gimmicks that are not necessary. The touchscreen V8 control is easy to use very graphic much like a modern tablet, it gives a platform to run basic machines and add modules for options for more complicated machines such as segmented pads etc. Another popular addition welcomed by the users is the Vision Window and LED lighting,” the operator can really see what is going on in the machine and understand the process.” adds Tony. “its no longer a magic box!!”

There are several sides to Boere’s business- standard machines and special application machines. Also they offer a range of edge linishers, narrow belt sanders and structuring machines.

The entry machine is the Sandonomic for the smaller work shop, most popular model 950C.

The Sandrite is an industrial workhorse well priced and offered with options to cover all sanding requirements.  Available in 1-3 units 1300mm wide.

Most popular is the CC1300SPSP a machine suitable for solids, veneers, paints and lacquers. “This machine has surprised even us,” explained Paul Boot, “the machine out performs machines of over twice the cost, we have customers who have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on a sanding machines but our CC machine has outshone them on both finish and reliability and it is much easier to use.”

The Select is a machine with very heavy construction for the most demanding processes, available in widths 600-1300mm 1-4 sanding units in both top and bottom variation.

The Elite is used in Boere special projects department, a sub-division at Boere developing machines using the latest technologies and engineering techniques on Taylor Made approach.

Anything is possible in this range with sanding widths up to 2500mm 1-4 sanding units and in both top and bottom variation.

Boere really does have it covered, a sanding machine for everyone, a sanding machine that is born to perform.
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