Since introducing vacuum tube lifting technology to the UK in 1985, Palamatic has supplied thousands of lifting solutions to most industries worldwide. Palamatic is an established and leading force in the global market for vacuum handling systems with 50% of systems going in to the woodworking sector. With a new 20,000ft2 factory based in Chesterfield, Palamatic is expanding to cater for the demands of this growing industry.

The Palamatic vacuum lifter range can lift loads from 10kg (22lb) up to 350kg (772lb) and can be customised to suit all applications. Vacuum tube lifters effectively neutralise the weight of the object load for the operator, resulting in a significant reduction in the risk of personal injury associated with poor manual handling techniques. The use of a vacuum lifter also reduces the risk of damage to the product.

Palamatic has provided many solutions to manual handling problems within the woodworking industry. The Palamatic vacuum tube lifting systems are safe, durable and effective tools to take the weight up to 350kg and stress out of manual handling tasks.

Vacuum lifters can be used as a lift assist for workers performing repetitive tasks such as re-stacking and machine loading. These manual handling tasks can include board lifting, 180° board turning and 90° manual panel turning – ideal for vertical panel saw loading.

Common panel handling problems relate to the awkward nature of the payload – particularly so for CNC, router, edgebander and beam saw loading operations. Palamatic’s board, panel, door and furniture lifting systems take the strain away from the operator, replace it with a user-friendly vacuum-powered lift assister and protect a product from accidental damage helping businesses to meet health and safety regulations as well as production demands.

With a Palamatic vacuum tube lifter, the operator does not suffer fatigue at the same rate as during a manual handling process and will allow the operator to maintain performance for during the whole shift.

Palamatic’s philosophy has always been to push the boundaries of technology – this is how the company learns and how it grows. The manufacture and design of vacuum handling equipment is only the beginning of Palamatic’s full circle service.

The expert installation and commissioning team can ensure that equipment is installed to suit the environment and the budget. Its after-sales team is always on hand to assist with parts, servicing, annual certification requirements or any questions customers may have after installation to ensure the new equipment provides many years of active service.

Applications include: loading and unloading vertical panel saws, beam saws, dimension saws, flat-bed CNC stations, edgebanders and laminators.

Materials handled include: MDF, MFC, chipboard, wood, plywood, sterling board, plaster board and polycarbonate; handling boards, doors, furniture, staircases, planks, timber sections, laminate surfaces and cabinets.

The equipment range includes solutions for: top board lifting, rotating boards (horizontally and vertically), lifting boards with cut-outs, high stacking, range of gantry systems to cover a production area, powered trolleys.

For equipment demonstrations, visitors to W16 can see Palamatic on stand Q705.