Manufacturers know their products better than anyone and they also have a good idea of the machinery needed to take production to the next level. With pressure from customers to reduce lead times and increase production there is often a tight time frame to source and install the new equipment required.

This is a common situation which is resulting in more and more companies turning to FerWood for a solution that not only fits the brief but does so within a much shorter timeframe than might be expected. The reason for that is simple: FerWood doesn’t manufacture machines, it holds them in stock and then rebuilds the machines of leading manufacturers to an exceptional standard, bringing them right up to the specification they need for the job they want them to perform, at a fraction of the cost.

Working with a wide range of leading machinery manufacturers means knowing how each brand works and what unique features might suit a particular application best. Looking for the ideal option often means modifications are needed to achieve the premium results. 

That’s when FerWood can offer a customised solution that best fits its customers needs. Sometimes it can be the simplest of changes that makes the biggest difference to a production facility but, whether it’s a simple modification, or a completely new function that needs to be added to a machine, skilled engineers are on hand to make all necessary alterations quickly and effectively.

This adaptable approach also extends to complete production lines, where FerWood’s team has the experience, as well as an impressive global machinery inventory to integrate equipment from different manufacturers into one line. The process often requires multiple units being removed, modified and installed to overcome any challenging obstacles the customer might have initially faced.

FerWood’s attitude is refreshingly flexible. It’s all about their customer’s needs. It is a high quality, timely and flexible approach to used woodworking machinery that sets FerWood apart. Its wide knowledge of machinery and ability to think outside the box when faced with tricky manufacturing issues has given a reputation for being problem solvers. 

The combination of cost saving and a high quality rebuilding service with customisable options, within a shorter timeframe means the benefits of buying a reconditioned machine from FerWood creates a credible option when selecting machinery.