Due to its continuous product development and innovation, Homag has established itself as the world leader in woodworking machinery. Homag’s large range of machining solutions caters for companies of all sizes, ensuring it has a solution for each individual workshop. 

Whilst historically the latest technological developments would be seen as out of reach for the smallest of manufacturers, Homag has invested heavily in its entry-level technology. Along with the production technology, Homag has developed a range of entry-level software which enhances and simplifies manufacturing.

woodWOP software – easy and efficient CNC programming  

One of Homag’s most popular and well-known software systems is woodWOP. Designed for CNC machine programming, the simplicity of the software makes the machine set-up and manufacturing processes quick and easy. 

Based around the operator’s experience, Homag has ensured that the user-friendly system is uniform throughout the Homag CNC range. Developed by in-house software experts, woodWOP software is capable of driving three-, four- and five-axis CNC machines. This is extremely beneficial for smaller companies where operators need to be trained and able to operate several different machines. The software consistency between the different models makes production easy and efficient. 

To make production set-up even faster, users can now program their own processing operations and save them within the woodWOP system. These can then be easily accessed and implemented for a speedy start. In order to get your woodWOP journey started, however, there are several component templates available to download for free via the internet. 

Homag’s software forum for woodWOP users

Typically, CNC customers will visit Homag UK’s headquarters at Castle Donington to learn how to operate new machinery and woodWOP software. However after this initial training, Homag is also committed to providing ongoing support.

The company has created a software forum which allows all woodWOP users to connect and discuss CNC production. Users from all areas of the furniture and woodworking industry can join and follow posts discussing the software. The forum is a great way for real life users to share their woodWOP tips and experiences. It is proving successful at not only answering manufacturers’ specific queries, but also inspiring new programming methods and uses.

With an updated design that is mobile optimised, it is now extremely quick and easy to access the forum. Additionally, users can subscribe to forum topics so they need never worry about missing a thread reply. 

From design to production with woodCAD|CAM software 

Homag’s woodCAD|CAM is a versatile software solution which takes entry-level users through the design process from initial concept to end product. Benefiting both the design and manufacturing departments, woodCAD|CAM simplifies the process of designing bespoke furniture components. 

This ingenious piece of software reduces the time it takes users to create realistic 3D drawings. These drawings can then be given to customers and architects to preview how the finished article will suit the required space. In addition to 3D drawings, the software also programs and compiles needed material lists to free the operator’s time for other important tasks.

Additionally, woodCAD|CAM software can further save users time as it is able to calculate a bill of material costs and create quotations for the production of products. 

For increased efficiencies, users are able to choose additional modules to add to the woodCAD|CAM system. The modules allow design programs to be automatically created by the system. The operator simply enters the required parameters into the software and it instantly instructs the shop floor machinery for quick processing. 

Whether a bespoke furniture or a mass volume manufacturer, the woodCAD|CAM system will simplify processes to reduce both production time and costs. 

MagiCut – production optimising software

Homag’s MagiCut software is an essential time- and money-saving tool for entry-level manufacturers. The system guides the user to achieve the best yield from boards. The software is able to calculate the most efficient layout for nesting shapes from each board, whilst maintaining quality and production throughput. This feature allows the operator to take individual components and convert full board nests from the production office to the shop floor in seconds. 

For further efficiency, each component can be uniquely identified throughout the production process as all parts are labelled with part numbers. This makes it easier, eliminating errors within production when assembling components, as each part is clearly marked.

Designed not only for CNC machinery, MagiCut can also be used to improve material utilisation and efficiency on beam saws within the workshop. As MagiCut is a modular software, it is easy for users to upgrade their version (adding required modules) at their own pace. This is ideal for smaller manufacturers who can simply build the system as their production needs dictate. 

Simon Brooks, managing director at Homag UK concludes: “Whilst we produce world-leading machining technology, it is our outstanding software which really maximises the results produced by the machines. 

“When designing and developing software, it is always at the forefront of our minds that it must be easy to use, enhance productivity and be accessible to all manufacturers. 

“Our latest software packages allow even the smallest of entry-level technology users the ability to produce first-class results whilst saving on both time and production costs. If you would like a demonstration on any of our software products please contact Adele Hunt on 01332 856424 or e-mail info-uk@homag.com.”


Easy and quick CNC manufacturing with Homag’s woodWOP software

Homag’s woodCAD|CAM software simplifies the design process with realistic 3D drawings