Ostermann supplies many products for material cleaning – for manual cleaning, the Ostermann experts recommend the Scotch-Brite polishing cloth


Edging specialist Ostermann has a great range of products for mechanical or manual material cleaning. Ostermann’s many cabinetmakers, carpenters and joiners are not only very experienced in the areas of edgings and adhesives but have also gained extraordinary expertise in the matter of cleaners that it is happy to pass on to its colleagues in the workshop. 

Whether for mechanical edge processing or manual surface cleaning, for machine cleaning or cleaning after the final assembly, Ostermann has the right products for every application. With Redocol Teclinex One For All, Ostermann technicians have even developed a cleaner by themselves that is exactly meeting the requirements of tradespeople. 

Mechanical edge processing 

Ostermann offers two alternative product solutions for all processes during and after mechanical edge processing as well as for the surface cleaning at the edgebanding machine: one of them is the Redocol Teclinex One For All. 

The greenline series cleaner can be applied at all stations of the edgebanding machine and ensures a perfect edging finish and milling result. An alternative to Teclinex are the popular products from FSG. 

Redocol Teclinex One For All is a ‘greenline’ product: it is made almost completely of plant-based raw materials. It helps to reduce the number of cleaners and thus the amount of dangerous substances in the workshop

A particularly useful accessory for mechanical edge processing is the laboratory bottle set including a plug-in connector, a suction filter and suction hose, and a ventilation screw. 

Ostermann tip for machine cleaning 

When using standard spray and separation agents for edgebanding machines, the machine’s transport tracks often leave annoying marks on high gloss or super matt furniture finishes. Subsequently, these often have to be cleaned manually which is time-consuming. 

Redocol Teclinex One For All may be used to clean the transport tracks of the edgebanding machine as well. That way, annoying marks on high gloss or super matt furniture finishes can be avoided

If the transport tracks are cleaned on a regular basis with Redocol Teclinex One For All, annoying marks may be avoided in advance. The protection of transport tracks and polyurethane rollers have been tested by an independent institute according to DIN EN ISO 62 and certified as very good. 

Manual surface cleaning 

Ostermann further supplies a series of different items for manual surface cleaning, including products for the removal of glue residues, pencil marks, felt-tip lines, and more. Apart from the universal Redocol Teclinex, there is also the popular FSG cleaner in two different variants (with citrus scent or odourless). 

To prevent already-cleaned surfaces from re-gathering dust, both variants are available with an antistatic additive as well. The Ostermann experts particularly recommend the FSG cleaner to remove hotmelt adhesive remnants, as well as for cleaning substrates before foiling.

This is how the plunger can for cleaner works: The tray is pushed into the container so that there is no more than the required amount of liquid in the tray. The liquid can then be taken with a cleaning cloth

Ostermann tips for manual surface cleaning

For manual cleaning, the right cleaning cloth is just as essential as the cleaner itself. The Ostermann experts recommend the Scotch-Brite microfibre polishing cloth. To save cleaning fluid when moistening the cleaning cloth, Ostermann also offers a plunger can for the cleaner. 

It only dispenses the amount of liquid necessary to moisten the cloth, so that there is no unnecessary spilling of cleaning fluid. The hand pump spray bottle is another handy device that is specifically adapted for holding solvent-based cleaners. 

Tip for the manual cleaning of big, dark surfaces 

For big, dark surfaces, the Ostermann experts recommend using the retarder for FSG cleaner. Users can extend the evaporation time by adding it to the FSG cleaner with a mixing ratio between 1:3 and 1:5. This prevents possible striation and streaking. 

Redocol Teclinex One For All from the ‘greenline’ series (here in the laboratory bottle) can be used for all units of the edgebanding machine and ensures a perfect edging finish and milling result

Cleaning after final assembly

For the final cleaning of the customer’s finished workpiece, the Ostermann experts recommend the Redocol finish cleaner 61. Being part of the environmentally-friendly ‘greenline’ series as well, the cleaner is suitable for practically every kind of surface, and even for the continuous application on sensitive acrylic surfaces. 

The highly effective antistatic formula helps repel dust and dirt, leaving behind a shiny resistant surface that provides long-term protection against new dirt accumulations.

Tip for cleaning after final assembly

For heavy soiling, spray Finish Cleaner 61 directly onto the surface and leave it. For mild and normal soiling as well as acrylic surfaces, spray the cleaner onto a clean microfibre cloth and wipe the surface clean. 

For further information on the mentioned cleaning products, type in the search item cleaning into the search field on the Ostermann website.

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