WPR-TAKA says it is the only company worldwide to produce both high-performing hot melt PUR adhesive and high-performing profile- and panel-wrapping machines – together, offering a 360° service.

Vertically integrated, TAKA also produces its own raw material for the production of hot melt PUR, which guarantees total control of the quality of each batch, along with zero risk of raw material shortage during critical times.

The key feature of WPR-TAKA is its personal touch with the customer, the mix of familiar warmth with the expertise and strength of a big corporation, always going the extra mile to offer customised answers and satisfy customers.

WPR-TAKA claims it is the global leader in the production of solutions for profile wrapping, flat lamination and edgebanding for both the wooden and the PVC market.

As a natural evolution of this international approach, WPR-TAKA has created an academy which institutionalises the tireless work of research, development, application innovation and quality control. The academy offers training programmes, analysis of materials, simulation of production conditions, process optimisation, tests, analysis of finished products and the development of customised adhesives.

The mission of the WPR/TAKA Academy is to transfer the fundamental knowledge of the wrapping application process of profiles/panels via personalised training programmes with different learning modules, in the classroom or on the job.

To provide optimal support, WPR-TAKA has created a UK-based team to offer a speedy technical service and spare parts stock for customers in the UK and Ireland. This includes: technical support with 24-hour call out; training, maintenance and cleaning of machinery; check-ups on WPR machinery; and consulting to optimise the lamination process.

All this is possible thanks the company’s UK partner, BRIT-AD LTD, which boasts more than 25 years of experience in the wood market, and a deep knowledge and understanding of the adhesive business across many European countries, as well as technical awareness.

No matter how big or small the business might be, WPR-TAKA, through BRIT-AD LTD, can provide complete profile and panel wrapping systems, high-performance hot melt units, slot nozzles with exclusive control flow systems, advanced PUR hot melt adhesives for profile wrapping, flat lamination and edgebanding, a 24-48hr spare parts delivery service with UK stocks, a UK-based technical service, and technical training and internal lab for application tests.

To learn more about WPR-TAKA, or to book a technical visit, contact Anthony Rook at BRIT-AD LTD.

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