For 30 years, CAD+T has been at the forefront of innovation. Well known for its bespoke software solutions, the Austrian software developer has carved a name for itself in the furniture design and manufacturing industry. But, with an independent consultancy service, training programmes and free-to-attend webinars available, CAD+T’s offering stands for a lot more than many may realise …  

C – Consultancy  

CAD+T works with furniture manufacturers to guide, support and develop new corporate practises and future-proof businesses across Europe. Each member of CAD+T’s consultancy team has over 20 years of industry experience, with specialisms in multiple fields including product management, subsidy management, human resource management and management consulting. If a business is looking to change its product offering, enter new markets or integrate new technology, CAD+T can help.

A – Academy

CAD+T does not just supply businesses with the tools they need for success. They also train and develop them. During the pandemic, CAD+T is moving away from direct training to focus on its online offering. Online training sessions are now carried out remotely on a one-to-one basis, fully customised to the needs of the individual. 

Group training sessions can also be scheduled for up to five people. This allows a small team to take part in the same training programme remotely, while benefiting from expert training. CAD+T also offers regular Webinars for free, with topics ranging from selling opportunities and cost-saving production ideas to understanding HR and machining. 

D – Digitalisation

During this time of uncertainty, the power of digitalisation has come into its own, and CAD+T’s experience in this field has allowed it to help its customers overcome a wide range of challenges and introduce even more businesses to the power of innovative software solutions. 

The beauty of CAD+T’s software is that it is tailor-made for a business, and can be installed directly onto a cloud system. This means site visits are a thing of the past for many customers, and businesses can continue to run, grow and flourish, even in the most challenging of market conditions.

T – Technology

CAD+T has been committed to technological innovation for 30 years. Its adaptable approach to software design allows it to analyse the production process and create effective software concepts that work around its customers’ most challenging requirements. 

This is what separates CAD+T from other software developers, states the company – it invests heavily in research and product development, and works closely with its customers to find out what they need. This approach has led it to create a wealth of problem-solving solutions that have been proven to be advantageous to the furniture industry and compliant with Industry 4.0.

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