Imagine a piece of software that has been tailored to a business’ complete production requirements. A software solution that can be worked and reworked easily and conveniently for special designs, one-off orders or ongoing changes to existing manufacturing methods. Now imagine that this software could be controlled remotely via the cloud, or used on the factory floor when required. This is a reality for Austrian CAD/CAM software specialist CAD+T, thanks to its innovative Configurator Professional (Configurator Pro).

The new software – which is CAD+T’s first cloud-based software system for the furniture design and manufacturing industry – offers a wealth of flexibility and different levels to its intelligence. As well as offering the fast creation and maintenance of products, the Configurator Professional is able to scale up (vertical scaling), allowing the user to add to an existing system and boost performance, while the system’s ability to scale out (horizontal scaling) means there are no limits to the number of servers that can work in tandem with the configurator.

This offers great scope to both small and large production companies, and allows each company to create system parameters that meet the individual requirements of their planning and production stages. 

This vast flexibility is further increased through the ability of the configurator to generate graphical data and organise it into the correct fields using both rule-based and code-based options, with data completed by parametric or adaptive construction. The bespoke system also benefits from a configurable user interface, which allows the user to receive CAD/CAM data, optimised part lists, BOMs and user-defined work plans in just a few simple steps.

Thomas Schwarz, head of development at CAD+T, says: “Our new Configurator Professional software opens a lot of doors for our customers. There are no boundaries to design, and it gives users the opportunity to combine design software and integrated servers to create bespoke, one-off pieces without any manual intervention. 

“The configurator can manipulate data and rules independently to calculate the necessary geometry needed to create a bespoke item or special order quickly and efficiently. The functionality of this software, and its sheer flexibility, separates us from other software developers, and it is a key area of growth for CAD+T going forward.”