SCM’s Superset NT throughfeed moulder has been updated, making it even simpler and smarter for solid wood operators.

The key point of this range is its versatility, enabling the manufacture of a wide variety of products such as profiles for windows, doors, stairs and furniture.

The machine structure of the new Superset NT has been designed to enable the operator to work in ergonomic and safe conditions. Special supports allow suspension of dust collection covers directly on the machine, millimetre lines simplify the manual positioning of the machining units, and tool change operations are always guided. The base-integrated eye-M console is oriented for the operator’s optimal comfort during programming.

Ease of use 

The Mobile PC electronic control, offered with Maestro active four-side software and an eyeM console with 21.5in touchscreen monitor, offers many functions: simplified program research, thanks to an import of profile images; detailed reports on machine use; clear and intuitive icons for programming; and customised machine layouts. 

Mobile PC enables the complete integration of all machine control functions – the management of electronic axes, feed system and spindle motors for each machining unit. Operators are thus assisted during every phase of machine set-up, thanks to the MDI function which can also control the manual axes.

The key point of the Superset NT range is its versatility, enabling manufacturing of a wide variety of products, such as profiles for windows, doors, stairs and furniture

The Set-Up system allows the operator to change tools and perform adjustments in just a few seconds, making set-up time up to 20 times faster. 

The Superset NT throughfeed moulders come in a wide range and can be managed manually or automatically with a fully electronic configuration – up to 10 compositions, with one or two right spindles, one or two upper spindles, increased axial strokes, high profiling depth and HSK technology.

Machining centres for windows and doors 

SCM says that the Accord 25 FX is an ideal solution for those looking to machine windows, doors and other elements in solid wood with maximum precision and reliability. Thanks to the gantry structure and the powerful five-axis electro spindle, unparalleled levels of quality and precision can be achieved, says SCM. The Matic worktable and innovative BRC multi-function unit reduce set-up and tool change times, ensuring high productivity.

The Accord 50 FXM offers a guarantee of maximum rigidity and precision, in combination with a five-axis premium machining unit

The Accord WD is an innovative solution that allows for the solid wood element loading and unloading cycle to be automated (like door and window structures). The possibility of using the machine in a cell or standalone mode makes Accord WD one of the most flexible machines in its category.

The Accord WD offers performance in the production of windows and doors, with its high-power electro spindle, a guarantee of high machining speed and finishing quality – while the tool storage system makes up to 72 tools ready for use at all times. And not forgetting the Matic worktable and BRC multi-function unit – meaning no compromise to productivity or flexibility. 

SCM believes that the Accord 42 FX is a key attraction for both window and door manufacturers, as well as manufacturers of doors and staircases. The new entry in the Accord range, the 42 FX features an automatic worktable, which, thanks to its versatility, is ideal for those with high productivity demands on variable batches. 

The main feature of this machining centre is the twin combined machining unit, made up of two separate three- and five-axis routing units. The alternating use of two routing units dramatically reduces downtime – while one unit is working, the other makes a tool change.

Furthermore, the possibility of working with two units of the same kind (both three axis or both five axis) simultaneously means high productivity can be achieved without forgoing the flexibility that only a machining centre can guarantee.

The Accord 50 FXM machining centre is the model in the range that reconciles a 500mm piece transit with all the features and advantages found in the Accord range. 

The structure, specifically designed to guarantee maximum rigidity and precision, in combination with a five-axis premium machining unit, allows the Accord 50 FXM to overcome even the most difficult challenges when dealing with large pieces. Furthermore, the aluminium multi-function worktable with T-mortises is ideal both for working with a spoil board and for applying multiple kinds of mechanical blocks.

To learn more about SCM’s Superset and Accord options, an organised visit to the company’s extensive Nottingham showroom is recommended.

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