In case you did not now, the main raw materials for HMPUR (reactive polyurethane) adhesives are mainly polyesters and isocyanate. Polyesters are the main ingredient that gives the adhesive their essential characteristics such as initial bond strength, open time, resistance to weathering conditions and viscosity as well as the melting and application temperature.

Taka’s in-house production of polyesters is therefore a strategic and extremely valuable capability in todays unsettled market and therefore a good choice to customers for several reasons: first, to ensure the high performance of the adhesive, then to ensure stability, quality, and tolerance of each batch, this allows Taka to give an immediate response in the development of new adhesives with tailor-made characteristics for individual customers.

Finally, this allows Taka to thrive through times of limited availability of raw materials whilst most of the market fight for the raw materials. Our customers have better continuity and can concentrate on their business knowing we are taking care of their adhesive needs

From the very beginning of Taka’s production, they made this strategic choice to manufacture their own raw materials (polyesters) by immediately creating plants dedicated to the production of basic polyesters used in the production of polyurethane hot melts.

Taka’s vision has proved particularly useful at this time when the building and furniture markets are experiencing unprecedented increases in demands for adhesives, timber, plastics etc. They have stock raw materials to serve their current customer base and can even increase further.

Thanks to Taka’s strategic choices and the investments that Taka have made and will continue to make, they are able to maintain constant production and supply of their products to customers all over the world, without any exception.

Taka says that particular attention is paid to the UK market, which has always been an extremely important one, Taka are already present for 15 years within the UPVc industry and have considerable market share thanks to Mike Dean at Adhesive Solutions. Taka is steadily growing the woodworking/furniture market thanks to the co-operation with Brit-Ad and have two distribution warehouses to cover both of these important industries. Taka also has a UK-based technician for the installation of machinery and application of the adhesives, who has 30 years’ experience within the profile wrapping industry

With the energies of Taka who are free from the worries of production, they can concentrate on research and development of new adhesives, new solutions, technical application advice. Taka always remain close to the customer to improve processes and satisfy requests for the development of customised products. 

For detailed information on Taka’s product range please contact Anthony Rook from Brit-Ad, 

07484 341294