Fleetwood by Renolit indicates the re-emergence of the traditional and popular pine, but in a modern, linear effect which gives a uniform light and fresh design.

The decor Fleetwood is a pine that can be described as a stressed linear structure with a quiet charisma and lacking the traditional dominant knotting. It appears very natural in conjunction with the deeply structured Veralinga emboss and soft-coat matt surface. 

Two colour ways
Fleetwood 1 has an extremely light, almost white, colour scheme which emphasises the grain of this deep, moving wooden structure with a uniformly matt feel. When combined with the Colour Road colours Blue Wave or Nova Teal, Fleetwood 1 SC is transformed into a contemporary design trend. Fleetwood 1 is matched to Egger H3450 ST36.

Natural charm
Fleetwood 2 whose elegant champagne colour with warm tones also gives the three-dimensional emboss Veralinga a decidedly natural charm, and underlines its quiet linear structure. Fleetwood 2 is matched to Egger H3451 ST36.

Fleetwood 1 and Fleetwood 2 are new additions to the Renolit 3D stock range. To request A4 samples and a copy of the 2014 3D stock range brochure the company.