Following the success of their recent Innovation Events, Panelco has introduced 14 new designs to their ever popular Alvic collection.  The designs were chosen from the feedback received from customers who helped Panelco in their decision. All 14 additions are unique and diverse and have enhanced the current Alvic offer with their distinct styles.

Three specific technologies are used across the new designs: Luxe the high gloss surface with a mirror effect and high resistance, a UV lacquered face and a MDF core provide a high quality product; Zenit is a super-matt lacquered surface with a soft elegant finish offers high resistance and anti-fingerprint properties; and finally Syncron which is composed using realistic depth of grain and texture, synchronising colour and detail.

Zenit Croma Sunset

Adding a dynamic yet balanced and contemporary feel is the Avant Garde design, featuring contemporary polar white and black this horizontal grained effect offers a ribbed, almost milled effect to the face. Depth is added from the myriad of straight lines running across the board tempting you to touch the surface, Syncron technology used to offer a realistic finish.

The Croma collection, inspired by nature and landscapes, proved to be a real highlight at the recent well attended event, Panelco decided to add three of the striking colours, Sunset, Peach and Blue. Sunset gives you just that a combination of the blue sky during the last hours of sunlight mixed with orange and red hues. The wave like effect of the Peach tone gives real warmth to the subtle notes featured a calm natural woodgrain style. The deep blue of the sea evokes energy and depth to any interior, the playful rich blue gives a sense of joy and offers creative vision in abundance.

Syncron Black Avante Garde

Inspired by the delicate aesthetic of marble we have the Nuvola designs; the elegant pink tones of Nuvola 02 offer a classical onyx style with real depth.  Contrasting Nuvola 03 with blue and grey tones gives a more stone like marble appearance both with delicate features.

Continuing with the marble aesthetic is Sierra 02 a bold imperial green full of contrasting tones showing off the Syncron technology to give a realistic finish with depth of detail.

Zenit Croma Peach

Panelco are proud to partner with Alvic where inspiration and innovation is second nature, continuously striving to improve processes and developing cutting edge technologies and commitment to strong creative designs. Sustainable development is a key factor in every process to minimise environmental impact where possible, separating and recycling 90% of the non-hazardous waste to reduce this. Sawdust is converted into biomass to generate energy in their factories and wood waste is converted into particleboard, avoiding unnecessary waste where possible.

The eight different colours are offered in varying finishes to give 14 new additions to the current range – contact the Panelco sales team for further information, to order a promotional  binder or to order samples. All 14 effects are currently on display in the Panelco Design Studio – to request a visit, refer to the Panelco website

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