The recent at-home event held by JJ Smith of Kirkby, Liverpool, highlighted the strength of offer available from the company, which celebrated 90 years of business in 2013.

The range of products on show in the 35,000 sq ft showroom goes from push-fed automatic saws to waste briquetting, shredding and pellet systems, the Martin range of moulding sawing and planing machinery, as well as a large range of secondhand woodworking machines.

The company was proud to confirm its position as the go-to company for cross cutting solutions – from the smallest pull-over saw to the fastest CNC automatic model – the total on display being the most comprehensive line-up that has ever been on display in the UK.

On show for the first time were the all-new Elco Top 7 controller for the Stromab Matrix range of fully -programmable cross cut saws. The Top 7 is an absolute revolution in the concept of industrial automation, using the robustness and reliability of an industrial PLC. It comes equipped with a 7in colour touch-screen display on the Linux platform, setting new standards of speed and efficiency in operation.

Other major successes on show were the Hocker Polytechnik briquetting presses and the Nova pellet production machinery for environmentally efficient ways of disposing of all types of waste which has become increasingly important to both large and small companies who are now looking into the most economic forms of waste reduction and removal. The company hopes to progress even further over the next couple of years with this part of the organisation.