Leitz Tooling UK will hold two Tool Optimisation Seminars and demonstrations at its head office in Harlow on 24th and 25th June to demonstrate its tooling capabilities on a Holz-Her Dynestic 7516 CNC, donated by Weinig UK for the occasion.

The half-day sessions are open to any manufacturers working with panels, from panel processing companies and furniture production companies, to interior fit-out manufacturers and cubicle, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom manufacturers. Companies can see first-hand what is possible, discuss any production issues or tooling problems, discover the latest in tool optimisation and innovations, and see a Holz-Her CNC machining centre with Leitz tools in action.

The Holz-Her range from the Weinig Group offers high quality panel processing machinery for small businesses and industrial production. The range includes CNC machining centres, edgebanding machines, pressure beam saws and vertical panel saws. Weinig is one of the leading machinery manufacturers for the solid wood processing industry and leads the industry in technology and innovation.

Leitz’s sales manager Brian Maddox says: “These Tool Optimisation Seminars are a great opportunity for companies to see what’s possible, to find out what a tool can really do, and even how to reduce the number of processes, making for more efficient and profitable businesses for our customers.”

Two questions which Leitz is asked regularly are how to get longer production runs, and how to achieve a better quality of cut, so Leitz asked some of its customers what they thought. British Thornton, a leading UK furniture manufacturer specialising in furniture for education and science laboratories, said: “As a major player, Leitz Tooling bring some serious benefits to our production. They track and monitor our tools and servicing which help us keep production at an optimum level.

“Leitz’s innovation and R&D is impressive but it is the regular contact and their responsiveness which has enabled us to build a successful long term relationship.”

Grant Westfield, manufacturers of building interiors for over 90 years, said: “Leitz were talking numbers and performance on their Razor-Cut saw blades we didn’t think possible, so we gave it a try. Previously our old blades lasted between 300 and 400 boards; we’d change blades two or three times each shift. With Leitz’s Razor-Cut saw blades, one blade will last for two shifts. The saving in down time alone is impressive.”

Leitz Tooling UK is the largest supplier of tooling to British industry and is the largest manufacturer of tools for woodworking worldwide. The company provides full nationwide service and technical support with regional representatives and supports its products with the Leitz-Lexicon – one of the most comprehensive and informative publications in the industry, not only helping customers correctly identify tools to the materials being machined, but providing information which makes significant improvements in tool-running costs and machining efficiencies.

Leitz’s Harlow head office is located within easy reach of London, main motorway networks and rail links. The Tool Optimisation Seminars will take place on 24th and 25th June. Places will be reserved for £10 per person, which will be donated to local charities.

Email salesuk@leitz.org to book and for more information.