With the UK’s national exhibition for joinery and furniture manufacturers fast approaching, W14 event organiser John Smith-Bodden reflects on the unique gains available by visiting trade exhibitions.

First of all, a visit to a trade exhibition is an appointment with yourself to focus on improving your business. Growing your profits. Improving your life.

What’s new?
You are going to see the latest innovations affecting your industry. Each one available to you or your competitors.

In an event such as W14, you can see close up demonstrations of the technology. You can’t beat actually seeing something work!

Experience products
Where it’s important to touch surfaces, feel quality and sense subjective areas such as colour or texture – exhibitions help you win hands down.

You’re welcome
The exhibitors show a pride in their product and a hunger for your business. It’s useful to meet suppliers with such a desire to meet their market.

Safer decisions
Independent research has shown that, on the way to an event 36% believe that it will be made easier for them to buy with confidence. Leaving the event, this number rises to 76%.

Compare products, processes and style
Saving you masses of travel time, speculative internet surfing and endless questions – you can choose as soon as you are happy and get the product into your business.

The halls are full of industry expertise. Masses of free consultancy for your business.

Visitors make contacts in their business which surprise them and bring value for years to come

Be a part of it
This is THE exhibition for UK designers and manufacturers. It only happens every two years, come and see what’s going on …