A rise in the availability of sit-stand desks, recliner chairs and adjustable beds, has meant that motorised furniture has become increasingly common. As such, the use of mechanisms and electrical components in furniture brings with it requirements and considerations for manufacturers, purchasers, specifiers, importers and distributors.

A new course that focuses on one of these requirements, CE marking, has been launched by furniture industry experts, FIRA International.

The first CE marking for furniture awareness training course will take place on Thursday 12th November 2015.

A CE mark shows that the product is compliant with EU legislation regarding safety, health and environmental protection. The CE mark on a product ensures its free movement within the European Economic Area and states that the product has been assessed before being placed on the market and thus satisfies the essential health and safety requirements to be sold in the EU

Bruce Lovell, business process improvement consultant at FIRA International for FIRA, explains why understanding requirements for motorised furniture is important for manufacturers, purchasers, specifiers, importers and distributors.

“Responsibility for CE marking lies with whoever first places the product on the EU market, so it is important to know your legal obligations and how to properly check if products meet the criteria to be sold and purchased in the EU. For a product to be affixed a CE mark, it must have undergone an assessment and comply with all applicable directives.

“The training course explains which directives are relevant, which standards can be used to prove compliance to the directives, which products can be self certified, which need to be CE marked and how this can be achieved.”

The course is suitable for manufacturers of furniture products, who will gain an understanding of the process involved in the route to compliance and final CE marking of their products to comply with EU directives.

Purchasers, specifiers, importers and distributors can also attend to understand their responsibilities when placing a product on the market and what to look for in terms of documentation from the supplier to support claims for CE marking.

Course date: Thursday 12th November

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