“SICAM’s role as an international marketplace for components and accessories is crystal clear,” explains the organiser of the event, Carlo Giobbi, commenting on the figures, “and the very market itself confirms this year after year in an ever more evident way. The last edition also saw an increase in the countries of origin of visiting professionals, representing as many as 101 countries from all five continents. A factor that has been revealed decisive for the effectiveness of the event is its size. There was more surface area used at SICAM 2016 than ever before, while the exhibit complex remains in a space that enables easy interpretation for visiting operators along with optimal management of time spent among the stands.”

Indeed, attention to logistical aspects is an element that clearly emerges when visiting the trade fair. The uniform distribution of visiting flows obtained by opening three entry points not only contributed intelligently to reducing access time, also thanks to massive usage of online pre-registration by most operators, but it also enhanced a rational and clear exhibition layout, which enables companies to easily organise their days spent visiting the trade fair.

“In many cases, the exhibiting companies also made important progress in their way of presenting themselves and organising the exhibition spaces,” stresses Giobbi, “preparing well for SICAM has become strategic, because the possibility to meet those who design and implement innovation in furnishing here is ever more evident. Designers and architects made up 9% of registered operators, and 9% more were technical and production managers. This is a figure that I deem very important, because we must not forget the growing importance that functional components are gaining in furniture production; they are generating added value which, in some cases, almost exceeds the value produced by the design. However, the most significant statistic is seen in the fact that decision-makers are the category most represented at SICAM. Indeed, as many as 37% of visitors are owners of their companies or general directors, thus members of top management who make the final decisions on strategies and purchasing choices.”

By analysing the composition of the overall framework of companies visiting SICAM 2016, it can be seen how, alongside the production section (which marked over 65% of presences among furniture, kitchen, bathroom, and contract furnishing), the components segment itself was present with an additional 15% of presence with also 4% of professionals of lighting and domestic appliances: thus, the trade fair was also confirmed as a priceless opportunity for the entire production chain to get updated and informed. There was a predominant participation of industry and trade at SICAM 2016 (42% of industrial companies with their representatives and 21% of trading enterprises). However, the artisan production section must not be overlooked. It was present with 20% of visitors. For Italian production, where small to medium-sized enterprises play a numerically prevalent role, this is the scene where ideas, solutions, and niche products with top technology and quality often emerge.

In the meantime, the SICAM team has already begun promoting the edition to be held this October (the date is set at Pordenone for Tuesday 10th to Friday 13th). Bolstered by nearly 90% of attendances already confirmed before the end of last year by 560 exhibitors, in addition to numerous requests from new exhibitors, the event will be presented this spring at all the main international furniture trade fairs.

“Developing new markets every year all over the world and strengthening those already known,” also claims Carlo Giobbi, “is our way of making the trade fair grow in line with the expectations of the companies. Last October at Pordenone, our visitors included furniture professionals from various countries from Sub-Sahara Africa and the Middle East. Germany was confirmed once more at the top of the standings of visiting countries, but there were also very numerous visitors from France and Great Britain, which have always been at the top of the rankings for Italian furniture exports, and from Russia which is emerging among the countries with highest attendances at the trade fair. What is certain for every participant at SICAM is that every year at Pordenone solid opportunities are created to open new international business relations. This is only possible thanks to our daily work of spreading information and promoting all over the world. The Ministry for Economic Development continues to recognise this hard work, qualifying us as ambassadors of Made in Italy for the accessories and components segment”.

For the 2017 edition, SICAM has planned new initiatives at trade fairs along with collaborations with foreign magazines in the furniture and furnishings sector that are very important for specific markets. Thus, pursuing a campaign that is always in the style of great operating effectiveness which sets the SICAM team apart, and which promotes new interesting openings for those who will come to Pordenone this October.