Biesse Group’s Sophia platform enables customers to access an extensive range of services to streamline and rationalise work management processes.

Biesse’s latest service platform, Sophia, launches in the UK in July 2018 and will provide users with the possibility of improving overall equipment efficiency of their Biesse machines as well as offering a cloud-based e-parts system that allows a registered user to see in-stock items, prices and ordering with just a few clicks. 

This is Biesse’s initial offering for Industry 4.0 and the IoT (Internet of Things), creating a digital infrastructure to underpin modern manufacturing.

The platform has the ability to collect and send real-time data on connected machines, offering the possibility for customers to analyse and optimise overall performance and productivity.


On 10-12th July, Biesse UK will be hosting Inside UK, an open house event held at its Technology Centre in Daventry, Northamptonshire. The event will showcase Sophia as well as various machine demonstrations and celebrates Biesse’s 25 years within the UK as well as its expansion into additional premises.

Additionally there is functionality that will help in detecting potential malfunctions and assisting customers in maintenance operations, as well as ordering replacement parts, ultimately helping to improve the up-time of machines.

Over the past five months, connected machines have registered a 60% growth in productivity and the platform has highlighted that Biesse has handled more than 2,000,000 events of various types. 

“The results registered over these first few months demonstrate how the services we offer our customers help increase the operating time of a machine and promote a proactive approach by reducing diagnostic times by 80%,” states Stefano Calestani, the Group’s new service innovation director. 

“It may have only been on the market a short while but Sophia is improving the quality of relations with customers who have benefited from using the tool. It is a quick and decisive support, which minimises waiting times previously required to deal with problems, and responds with effective and immediate solutions. This is the substantial opportunity Sophia offers our customers,” Calestani continues. 

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Sophia enables manufacturers with a multi-platfrom tool for improving efficiency as well as foreseeing future issues and preventing them from occurring