From 9-12th May, Interprint and its parent company TOPPAN will be demonstrating for the first time what ‘the power of we’ means at Design Post Cologne. Collaboration. Connecting. Co-creativity. With the focus on the ‘&CO’ concept, Interprint, an international decor printer invites customers and interested parties to experience the new way of thinking for the interior industry. To feel creativity. Discover innovations. TOPPAN will join Interprint setting this ambitious goal and will present technical perspectives for the future.

&CO – co-creating a new lifestyle

The Latin ‘co’ means ‘with’ as a prefix. In conjunction with a verb, this results in a collective interaction. A togetherness. Meaning ‘both-and’. And that is exactly what we are talking about today. Living, living, working, shopping – the world is changing. Co-working, co-creating and co-individualisation are the drivers of the hour.

People with different needs and preferences live and work together. Rooms lose their clearly defined function. In future, furniture and surfaces will have to be thought of in the form of a togetherness. “&CO” includes all factors, people and possibilities through Connected Spaces. It  frees you from classic ways of thinking and designing things. Everything is in motion. Highly flexible,but always authentic.

&CO – connecting the future

With the ‘&CO’ concept, Interprint takes up the social developments of our time and translates them into contemporary lifestyle decors. In extraordinary, interactive experience and opportunity spaces on two floors at the Design Post, visitors will learn how the boundaries between the interior areas are increasingly fading.

An innovative room experience that is unusual for product presentations – typical Interprint. The new decorative surfaces are correspondingly flexible and versatile: so this is why Interprint changes object-like furniture in the different Spaces in at utmost flexible and playful style, all the way through the fair. Pure playfullness. Nothing is fixed. Everything remains indefinite. Those visitors who stand and look at the Spaces, decide for themselves. The moment defines the function.

&CO – co-thinking with creatives and visionaries

Understanding change. Identifying trends. Determination of styles. Interprint presents itself as an expert for future living and interior worlds - a full-service provider for industry players. As a networker who attracts equally creative and innovative partners and brings them to a peak performance. In combination, TOPPAN will show which technical innovations are set to revolutionize the market.

In other areas, visitors will see new, trend-setting decors for melamine surfaces, for the Xelio finish foil as well as different types of structures and large formats. Countless new possibilities, made possible by the quality of Interprint decor and digital printing.

Fulfilling extraordinary customer´s wishes: Interprint, together with cooperation partners make it possible when it comes to ideas and technologies. There are even more surprises in store in the Innovation Space with new, smart product solutions. Impulses and inspiration with every step, with every look. The effect becomes visible, the haptics noticeable, opportunities tangible.

Interprint @ Design Post – exclusive location for intensive dialogue

To feel the real vibes of the future, it’s not far away. Just a few steps from the east exit of the Kölnmesse. In the historic building of the former parcel post, Interprint has found the perfect setting for staging the interior design of tomorrow – definitely worth a short walk. Situated on two floors, the Interprint ‘&CO’ showroom invites you to discover and experience from 10am-6pm, and on Friday from 10am-6pm.