Designed for high-grade furniture manufacturers, the Homag Ambition 2200 series of edgebanders offers quality, flexibility and reliability. All the machines from the Ambition series provide scope for automation and, with their energy-saving features, are environmentally friendly.

A uniform equipment standard has been created for the 2200 series. Each model in the range has a variable feed rate of 18-25m/min for high productivity, a belt-type top pressure beam guide made of steel for precise workpiece guidance whilst all tools are equipped with I-system for optimum chip disposal and the highest processing quality.

“Not everyone has the same business needs and manufacturing processes,” explains Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director of Homag UK. “With this in mind, Homag created the Ambition 2200 range series which includes a range of models to suit various production requirements at a very cost-effective price point whilst retaining the high quality levels that Homag is renowned for across the world.

Make it your own
Simon continues: “The Ambition 2200 range includes models for fast thin tape edging, for thicker coiled tapes up to 3mm, for solid wood strip application up to 20mm and combinations of each. A choice of adhesive systems is available including EVA, PUR, PO and even laserTec technology. Each model has been developed and specified to fulfil specific requirements making it very easy for customers to select the best machine for their business. To create bespoke solutions, there’s also a range of further options to fine tune the machine for your specific needs.

“In addition, any Ambition 2200 model can be installed with a choice Ligmatech panel return systems to suit various panel weights and sizes. These return systems reduce operator requirements to one and improve handling, efficiency and quality.

Easy operation – quality economical production
Manual intervention in the Ambition 2200 series has been reduced to a minimum with an easy-to-use, reliable operating system to control the machine’s units. The Homag powerControl P22 is a user-friendly interface with a large 19in touchscreen for simple program call up and accurate setting and positioning of the working units for fast, reliable changeovers, time after time.

“As well as making the machines simple to use,” Simon adds, “Homag is committed to providing top class production with higher productivity and consequently, lower unit costs.

“With the ecoPlus technology package the machine will run in intelligent standby mode where it switches to standby after being inactive for long periods – this reduces energy costs during break periods by up to 90%. Energy efficient motors also contribute to economic power consumption throughout the range.

“Models are equipped as standard with I-tools which deflect the chips away from the tool-cutting edge and dispose of them at a pick-up rate of over 97%, even at low extraction speeds. The I-system markedly improves not only process reliability, the working environment and productivity, but also reduces energy costs used for extraction.

"Extraction costs can be reduced by up to 20% with the valve control system which only switches extraction on for operational units. Homag’s I-tool system dramatically reduces the necessary dust extraction requirements compared to standard machines. 

Sizing and edgebanding with the Homag Optimat KFL 525 and 526
For double-sided edgebanding, the Homag Optimat KFL 525 and 526 offer economical production of larger batches, with a choice of sizing, gluing and trimming functions to suit every requirement. The new closed design offers not only cost advantages but also improved quality, safety and noise reduction too.

Homag’s double sided edgebanders are available as first pass machines (Optimat KFL 525 for longitudinal edging) and second pass machines (Optimat KFL 526 for crosswise edging). They can be used independently of each other or in line for high speed sizing and edging. The Optimat KFL 526 can also be equipped to work as a stand-alone machine for first and second pass work.

Homag KFL 525 and 526 models can be specified completely from scratch so customers can create their own edgebander and have it built to suit their exact requirements. Models are available for all kinds of edging material from 0.4mm to 3mm for the panel processing industry all the way through to 25mm solid timber for the door market.

For additional efficiency, various feeding and stacking systems are available from the Homag Group. These seamlessly link in with the edgebanders and fully automate the edgebanding cell.

Homag KFL 350 flexLine – industrial production in batch size one
The Homag KFL 350 flexLine edgebanding cell enables rapid changeover between set-ups on the run – machine settings are amended accurately ‘in the gap’. The machine can adjust itself without stopping the track, choosing the appropriate program, settings, tape type and even the bonding technique for the next panel.

Using a barcode system, flexLine can determine whether the edge of the next component will be applied using the laserTec method or with conventional hot-melt glue. It also automatically selects which units within the machine are required to complete the process.

Designed specifically for producing literally ‘panel by panel’, the KFL 350 allows a gap between workpieces of 400mm at a feed rate of 30m/min.

The real beauty of the Homag flexLine, however, is users can produce on a ‘make to order’ basis without being penalised by the usual machine stoppages. On conventional machines, these stoppages are necessary to allow the track to empty before making the change to the next tape colour or program setting.

flexLine can be operated by one person alone, making this a very efficient part of the production process. The operator can randomly feed the automatic infeed system with panels of any size, colour or tape thickness and flexLine does the rest, panel after panel, without any stoppages.

Homag flexLine allows users to take on orders that previously would have often been turned away due to their complicated nature and produce them effectively and efficiently.

The Homag Edge
The true benefits of investing in Homag equipment can be seen not only in the life-time cost advantages of the machinery, but also in being in partnership with the global leader in woodworking machinery. Alongside ground-breaking technology you benefit from integrated software, first class training and service support second to none.

To arrange a demonstration or for more information on the range of edgebanding machines, contact the company.

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Homag Ambition 2264 powerTouch – part of the comprehensive range of Ambition 2200 machines

Sizing and edgebanding with the Homag Optimat

Homag KFL 350 flexLine – industrial production in batch size one