CNC Robotics was born out of the need for a large volume, flexible, cost effective five-axis machining solution. Managing director, Jason Barker, didn’t follow the usual route to success that one might associate with being the founder of the fastest growing robotics company in the UK.

Graduating with a Sculpture Degree by producing wooden sculptures for his final might not be the obvious start, however Jason’s love of wood extended to his professional career as he transferred his creative flair into the film, TV and theatre industries.

His business life grew along with a very successful set construction company which had numerous impressive accolades, such as producing creative sets for the West End and Broadway plus staging for world tours of some of the world’s premier music acts such as Kylie Minogue, Take That and Beyonce to name but a few.

Jason’s tenacity and creative flair enabled the production of outstanding sets with plenty of problem-solving and technical challenges being part and parcel for this type of project work.

With technology being at the forefront of the creative world, it was only natural that Jason invested in CNC machinery to help him produce sets not only accurately but also within time and to budget. It was soon obvious that this requirement extended from three axis machining to five axis, where the demand for accurate 3D forms and furniture was growing.

In 2008, when the financial world was less than buoyant, it was difficult to justify the cost of the new machinery. So Jason looked for an alternative, but without there really being anything viable in the market, he decided to take a leap of faith and have a go with robots instead … after all, how hard could it be?

Machining with robots had been around for many years but not with CAD-CAM – at least in mainstream anyway.

So Jason invested into a robot and called it his pet project …

Being a pet project very quickly turned into a major undertaking with two years of development culminating in the creation of a robotic milling solution and a whole new company: CNC Robotics Ltd.

Through building partnerships with industry-leading companies such as Delcam, KUKA, and CNC Support etc, CNC Robotics is able to provide full turnkey solutions which are fully backed up with ongoing training and continued support.

CNC Robotics’ business model is quite simple: provide cost-effective machining robots for manufacturing.

The company has developed advanced robotic machining packages for all types of industries and is now focusing on the as yet un-tapped world of woodworking. After all, if the robot can machine granite or carbon fibre, then why not wood?

It is Jason’s return to working with wood after a few years out and he feels it is the right time to engage the woodworking industry to offer affordable solutions in almost all fields.

So, as a furniture manufacturer, making doors, or bespoke staircases, there is a robotic solution to suit.

CNC Robotics is going from strength to strength, offering its clients an informed choice of cost-effective robotic machining solutions and is looking forward to working on exciting new projects with exciting new clients in the future.