Holz-Her’s state-of-the-art range of panel processing machines have real-world production management at their heart. One might expect the hundred year heritage, world class engineering and reputation for quality and innovation, but it is Holz-Her’s understanding of customer production issues, commitment to making manufacturing easier, removing aggravation and providing solutions which really set the company apart.

This dedication to solving production problems and providing managed systems has most recently resulted in two new edgebanding models and two ultra-thin glue line systems, including the patented Holz-Her Glu Jet system.

Holz-Her’s Accura range
Designed for the highest standards of quality and flexibility, the Accura series covers the complete processing of modern edging and panel materials, and it comes with Holz-Her’s Glu Jet application system for standard use of PUR glue. Program selection allows the machine to be set up without even opening the hood, so it’s ready for production immediately.

The new Accura series was developed by Holz-Her for high quality workshops and industrial manufacturers. Its modular system is flexible and can be adapted to customer requirements and future needs. Key to its development was 100% repetition accuracy, fully automatic and flexible setting, and perfect appearance of the parts produced. New servo-axes use state-of-the-art, play-free, mechanical components.

The Accura 1558 is a future-oriented milestone for edgebanders designed for absolute maximum performance.

Holz-Her’s Lumina range
The Lumina series provides absolute quality, flexibility and productivity. It offers everything required for professional edgebanding. Up to 30 NC servo-axes enable maximum automation of all processes with exact repetition at the touch of a button. Even the pressure and glue quantity settings can be made fully automatically and adapted to the specific requirement.

The new Lumina series offers two systems for perfectly invisible joints. The Glu Jet and the LTronic - the new laser edging unit from Holz-Her - are unbeatable in terms of speed and cost efficiency.

The Lumina 1588 performance remains highly flexible, allowing adaptation to your specific requirements.

Glu Jet System as standard
Coming as standard with all Holz-Her edgebanders, Holz-Her’s patented Glu Jet System delivers what it describes as one-of-a-kind edging results with ultra-thin glue joints, which are easily equivalent to industrial laser edges. The hybrid technology combined with Holz-Her thin film technology enables visual zero joints with PUR glue, perfect for wet areas including bathrooms, student accommodation and kitchen environments.

From high gloss through to solid wood edging, the system is both flexible and versatile. Such is its build quality and reliability, the Glu-Jet system comes with a three year warranty as standard. 

This is industrial technology for small workshops – you can now process PUR glue on a standard basis, but without the hassle. As the standard for professional cabinet makers, most manufacturers would use PUR, but not all machinery can cope with the demands of the polymer reaction which forms such strong and thin waterproof, temperature tolerant bonds. PUR is difficult to manage with a standard glue pot and molecular cross-linking becomes a problem. With the Glu Jet ready to use in under four minutes with EVA or PUR, Holz-Her’s unique system is the right solution for any edgebanding requirements.

Perfect invisible joints
The LTronic laser edgebander was developed especially for the Lumina series and processes all co-extruded and subsequently coated “Laser Edging” on the market. The NIR (Near Infrared Radiation) module in our LTronic unit transfers heat energy quickly and precisely to the specific point required making it ideal for activation of function layers on laser edging.

Two different NIR modules are available: the standard module for edge heights up to 23mm, or the optional NIR+ module for edge heights up to 45mm.

It’s ready to use as soon as you switch it on – there is no heat-up time or any heat-up phases during the machining process. In addition, the complete system operates absolutely silently which is a clear advantage for the user compared to other systems. Cleaning costs are minimal, with the integrated protective plate on the NIR module only needing to be briefly cleaned just once a week, the system is a pioneer in terms of energy efficiency.

Why not have both?
With the Lumina series, you can switch from glue to laser in minutes. Using the high precision HSK interface from our CNC technology, at the push of a button and serial bus connectors, two dedicated carriages facilitate the sliding off and on of units.

Changing from laser to PUR or EVA could not be easier, and Holz-Her’s solution was designed to ensure the gluing station is always as close as possible to the pressing station, eliminating the chance of “glue shock” and subsequent production problems.

This simple change-over also enables any preventative maintenance or service to the system not in use with zero down time. The Lumina has an automatic unit recognition feature and is ready for use immediately after changing over to the LTronic. The change over time from edge to edge is under five minutes.

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