Good business is typically founded on trusting relationships. The Vollmer and Moreschi companies have worked together for more than 25 years  creating a strong and mutually beneficial partnership.

Steep mountain passes and narrow winding roads. This is how the first Vollmer sharpening machine found its way through the Northern Italian Alps more than 25 years ago. Its destination was saw blade manufacturer Moreschi in the small town of Vilminore di Scalve. 

A strong partnership has linked these two companies ever since. Moreschi relies on the Vollmer CHD, CHF and CM model of grinding machines for sharpening carbide-tipped circular saws with precision and the Loroch KSC-710 series of machines for sharpening HSS circular saws. 

The Moreschi factory in Vilminore di Scalve

Brothers Marco and Luciano Moreschi founded Moreschi in 1987 in the Alpine town of Vilminore di Scalve. Starting out as a grinding centre for small workshops, the company soon began specialising in the production of custom-made circular and band saw blades. Moreschi now employs more than 40 staff and supplies its products to customers in Italy and beyond. The saw blade manufacturer also runs a grinding centre in Poland.

Founded on family values and reliable partners

Despite its growth and international focus, tradition and family play a major part in the company’s success. Moreschi shares close ties with its home in the Bergamasque Alps, where it was founded. Now, the second generation of the family is involved in the business, with Marco Moreschi’s son Mattia and daughter Gloria Moreschi, also working for the family-run company.

One of Vollmer's machines at Moreschi - in this case, a CHM

“For us, what matters is not only continuing our family tradition; it is also essential to have reliable partners so we can offer our customers the best saw blades available,” explains Marco Moreschi, CEO of Moreschi Srl. “This is why we have been relying on the grinding machines from Biberach since 1991. We are currently using more than 15 Vollmer and Loroch machines at our company.”

Vollmer precision – from small to large 

Moreschi mainly uses grinding machines from the CHD, CHF and CM model series. They allow for precise sharpening without the saw blades having to be clamped in more than one position. This makes it possible to machine a wide range of saw blades with different diameters and tooth geometries. What particularly impresses staff is how efficient and simple the machines are to use, as well as the reliability they offer. 

Eight CNC-controlled axes and measuring equipment make the CHD 270 from the Swabian sharpening specialist ideal for automatically machining carbide-tipped circular saw blades with an outer diameter of between 80 and 840mm. Thanks to a fixed grinding unit and its solid structure, the CM 300 grinding machine achieves outstanding precision for circular saw blades with a diameter between 200 and 1440mm.

The Vollmer CM300 machine

When it comes to extremely large dimensions, right up to circular saw blades with a diameter of 2200mm, Moreschi uses Vollmer’s CHM and CHMF 400 grinding machines. These two models, with five CNC axes each, grind the tooth face and tooth top of the saw teeth, as well as their sides. 

Custom-made saw blades for a wide range of applications 

Moreschi’s international customer base includes numerous companies from the steel and metal alloy industry, meaning that the saw blades are used for saws produced by large manufacturers, as well as in saw mills. Since customer requirements can differ greatly, Moreschi provides advice that is tailored to each individual customer with custom-produced saw blades. 

The saw blades cut materials that require exemplary precision and the materials being cut include steel and metal alloys as well as wood, plastics and composite materials that all vary in their hardness and dimensions. To ensure a high standard of quality, Moreschi performs several trials before the final product reaches the customer. 

The company is also always working on further developing its products and technologies to find ideal solutions for its customers’ various application areas. Moreschi does this by exchanging knowledge and ideas with Italian universities. 

“Medium-sized manufacturers of saw blades, such as Moreschi, help their customers by providing consultation, production and maintenance services. For this, they require automated sharpening machines that offer high precision while being easy to use, even for small quantities,” states Dr Stefan Brand, CEO of the Vollmer Group. 

“The fact that Moreschi puts its trust in Vollmer makes us proud and we are hopeful that our sharpening machines from Biberach will continue to find their way to Vilminore di Scalve in the future.”

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