As we know, most industries take a seasonal approach to selling product. Recently, we have just had Halloween and Guy Fawkes' night. Next on the agenda is Christmas. Despite the ongoing pandemic, retailers will have been prepared for these high-profile national events many months in advance, with their stock and inventory ordered as far back as the beginning of the summer.

Using our industry as an example, though, when businesses look to invest in their machinery, it is usually done at the opposite end of the season they are targeting, as they want to disrupt the existing production. 

With one eye already on spring across our industry, we have seen a significant surge recently in enquiries about two particular machines – Stenner band resaws and Salvador automatic crosscut saws.

Why these two particular machines? 

Due to the impact of Covid-19 and the fact that we’re still in the dark as to how long we’re going to be dealing with the repercussions of this virus, the gardening industry is set for a huge boom in 2021, and companies right across the country are making sure they’re prepared for it.

Stenner band resaw

Many within the sector were caught off-guard by the sudden surge earlier this year as lockdown took effect and big family holidays abroad were cancelled – leading to many people across our country turning to get those jobs done that they had been putting off, or getting stuck into outdoor renovation jobs themselves. 

However, the gardening season is done for 2020. The last lawn cuts are being completed, the summer work is finished, and homeowners won’t really be thinking about it again until spring next year.

And now our industry is preparing for that, with many companies looking to purchase multiples or combinations of Stenner band resaws and Salvador automatic crosscuts machines in anticipation of that next boom. 

Here’s why businesses are, particularly, looking to get their hands on these two key pieces of equipment.

Why are the Stenner band resaws and Salvador automatic crosscut saws proving so popular? The Stenner band resaw is, essentially, the Rolls Royce of band resaws. They’re used for ripping down lengths of solid timber. They’re used a lot by sawmills, timber merchants, joinery companies, hardwood importers, and anyone processing solid wood. 

In particular, Stenner is geared towards higher production, and with the expected increase in relation to garden furniture and products, businesses are looking for ways to upscale their production output. That is particularly the case with garden furniture, including sheds, garden offices and fencing products, for which there continues to be huge demand. 

Salvador automatic crosscut

That ties in with the Salvador product, which is an automatic crosscut saw also used for solid timber processing in joinery production, pallet and case manufacturers, garden furniture, and timber-frame building, and is a huge labour-saving machine (compared to the more traditional methods for crosscutting timber). 

People that invest in these are often using manual crosscutting techniques. Typically, a Salvador can replace up to four or five manual operations, and in so doing reduce the amount of waste they’re producing. 

They also provide better accuracy of cut, and require fewer people to use them. There are a bunch of long-term savings that come with purchasing machines like this. They have got a proven track record that is easily demonstrable to enquiring customers.

There are other machines in the market – but rather than these machines being sold on price, they’re sold on overall performance and what they can deliver, namely outstanding value for money, backed by Daltons Wadkin’s industry-leading support services department. 

Both machines are incredibly flexible, too. When it comes to hi-tech production machines, these are the best that there are on the market.