The Altendorf Group has built a firm reputation for itself over more than a century of operation. Most recently, the brand has launched HANDGUARD – a globally unique and AI-controlled safety assistance system with two cameras. Following on from its successful appearance at this year’s LIGNA, Furniture & Joinery Production caught up with Ansgar von Garrel, head of marketing at Altendorf to find out more ...

Did you find LIGNA as busy as you anticipated?

LIGNA was a very good show for us. It was our first opportunity in over four years to present to our global audience of customers, partners and dealers in person, due to COVID.

So many good things have happened within the Altendorf Group over the last few years. The company has a very different face to that at the last LIGNA. Therefore, it was great to present the “new” Altendorf Group and to emphasise the “Power of Partnership” and how long-lasting and trustful partnerships can be the foundation for a successful future. In terms of visitor numbers, our booth was very busy throughout the entire show and we had customers from all parts of the world.

Can you tell me about Altendorf’s approach to sustainability? 

Every day in Germany alone, there are up to five reportable accidents with sliding table saws. Work safety as a requirement for a sustainable work environment is a big challenge in our industry. Our HAND GUARD system, globally the first and only certified, AI-controlled and camera-based safety assistance system for sliding table saws, makes a valuable contribution to increasing work safety for our customers, from small workshops to large industrial production environments all over the world.

Due to the unique technology, HAND GUARD can even contribute to safer working environments in the processing of aluminum or plastics.

“It was great to present the “new” Altendorf Group and to emphasise the “Power of Partnership” and how long-lasting and trustful partnerships can be the foundation for a successful future”

Could you share any new innovations you have?

Our HAND GUARD system lays the foundation for Altendorf’s efforts to globally increase work safety.

In addition, we are shipping our new Hebrock edgebanding K- and F-series edgebanders to customers across the world.

What sets Altendorf’s products apart from others in the market? 

Product quality. Everyone who has worked with an Altendorf Group product before can understand and feel the superior build quality of our machines. The quality of the material, the finish and the precision in cutting and edgebanding are a clear differentiating factor to all other products on the market.

Altendorf has always been at the forefront of bringing innovations to the market that make a difference to our customers.

Service. Our customers don’t only invest in machines; they invest in production safety and availability. Our outstanding global service network ensures the highest support structure to our customers in case there is a problem.

Future orientation. Our products, such as HAND GUARD, are open to future innovations and developments. Investing in an Altendorf Group product also means that your investment is future-proof. HAND GUARD already uses AI technology that helps to prevent accidents completely. 

Customer experience. We are all about customer centricity. We are already enabling our customers in Germany to be even closer to us by using the myALTENDORFGROUP App. All communication on a new machine purchase, as well as a direct line to our service department including chat and video support can already happen with one swipe on your mobile phone. We are currently preparing to increase the availability of our app to other regions. The Altendorf Group aims to be the digital enabler for our customers to support them with digital solutions that make their work more efficient and enjoyable.

Overall, we put our heart in everything that we do and that is reflected in our products and services for our customers.

What is the future of Altendorf in the European, global, and UK markets?

Globally, the awareness and need for safer working environments increases and we see a huge potential to help our customers to work more safely and more sustainably. This can be seen in our traditional markets such as Europe or the UK, as well as markets with high growth potential for us, such as the USA.