International furniture fittings manufacturer, Blum, has received the prestigious FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) Innovation Award for its unique and groundbreaking Clip top Blumotion concealed hinge with integrated soft close.

The certificate was presented by FIRA’s CEO, Phil Reynolds, to Blum UK’s James Farmer.

The FIRA Innovation Award offers companies a competitive advantage through differentiation, underlining the uniqueness and usability of the product.

The Blum Clip top Blumotion concealed hinge has been micro-engineered to include the Blumotion soft close mechanism into the hinge boss – ensuring that the mechanism can be easily and manually de-activated on individual hinges where particularly lightweight doors are involved.

“I am really pleased to present the FIRA Innovation Award to Blum UK for this innovative new product,” says Phil Reynolds “The Clip top Blumotion hinge’s unique benefit when compared to other soft close hinges is in the size of the hinge.

“The soft close mechanism sits within the footprint of a standard hinge and existing mounting plates can be used when fitting the hinge so no tools are required. We were vey impressed with this unique advantage as well as the other capabilities of the product.

“FIRA strives to recognise and reward truly innovative companies and products, and we congratulate Blum UK on their endeavours in developing this truly innovative design."