A fundraiser from the furniture industry is showing his support for his brother by losing his locks at a charity head shave next week (Monday 3rd June).

Jon Walters, service delivery manager for The Furniture Ombudsman, is shaving his head in aid of Cancer Research UK following his younger brother’s recent cancer diagnosis.

Jon has received support from his colleagues and members of the Ombudsman, but is hoping to raise even more. You can support Jon by making a donation on his JustGiving page at https://www.justgiving.com/jonjonyourhairisgone/

“My brother Oli and I have always been really close," says Jon. "Some siblings fight all the time and I suppose over the years we have had a scrap or two, but in the main we have been like best friends – inseparable really."

“Oli recently shaved his head before undergoing chemotherapy. I was so inspired by his courage over this entire ordeal and in a show of support I thought I could also raise some much needed money for a really worthy cause.

“What I am doing is a small gesture for my brother and all other cancer sufferers, but everything raised will go towards research and scientific advancement. If we can send people on a one-way trip to colonise Mars then we must be able to beat cancer.”

Jon has been growing his hair for over eighteen months, but admits there is at least one person that won’t be sorry to see it go.

“I just started growing it to be a bit different but if there’s one person that will be delighted it’s my wife, who had been threatening to cut it off in my sleep!” He added.

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