PWS’s recently-released animated video about the benefits of buying a kitchen from an independent specialist proved such a success for the company that members of its Design & Marketing Department have created a follow-up video, with a humorous yet informative narrative from an original song they have recorded.

The song’s lyrics and presentation follow the process from looking for ideas and helpful information on the website, considering storage and furniture options, through to choosing an independent retailer to design and fit their perfect kitchen. The presentation recognises how confusing and frustrating the task of researching a new kitchen can be, and aims to help with some tips and advice in an engaging and entertaining way.

John Lennon, sales & marketing director at PWS, says: "What started as a piece of light entertainment for the press, at the recent 1909 launch event, has evolved into a fun and light-hearted piece of marketing. The team not only wrote the music and lyrics but also created and produced the video footage in-house. It’s unique and lively, communicating the message about buying a new kitchen in an amusing yet essentially informative and highly visual manner. It also reveals something of the personalities behind the Second Nature brand.”

PWS has released a suite of new marketing initiatives for its consumer-facing Second Nature website, including the original video animation, the +Moodboard app and the online real kitchen of the month competition. This supports the company’s strategy to champion the skills of the independent specialist and reinforce the many benefits of buying from this channel.

Click on the link below to watch the video.