It is no empty claim by Weinig, that it gives its customers a ‘five star’ aftersales service. The company recently presented 25 year service awards to not just one, but five engineers in the Weinig UK service department, in Abingdon.

The five engineers are, left to right: Steve Larkin, Eddy Lucas, Chris Gasson, Steve Prewitt, and Shaun Crump. The engineers are all well known in the woodworking industry and respected within their roles within Weinig UK. Each has provided expert service to customers and collectively they have a depth of knowledge that cannot easily be beaten.

Says Malcolm Cuthbertson, MD, of Weinig UK: “They have my personal congratulations and I am sure this will be echoed by many people in the industry.  Well done guys!”

To keep this achievement in perspective, Weinig UK has a total headcount of 26 people and has been established in the UK for 31 years. It says a lot about the company and its service philosophy that encourages employees to remain loyal to one business for such a long time.  And there are more announcements to come in the next couple of years.