For 150 years, wood processing machines have carried the Raimann name. What started as the pet project of a gifted inventor is now a company of the international Weinig Group with customers all around the globe. As part of the jubilee celebrations, Raimann presented its current range. Some 200 guests attended a jubilee event at Raimann which seamlessly combines the eventful history of the company with a performance demonstration of the modern supplier of rip optimising machines and systems. Master mechanic Berthold Raimann commenced production of machines and repairs of all kinds in 1863 specialising in wood processing machines would subsequently lead to rapid growth.

Following the opening of a trading branch in Sao Paulo in 1925, Raimann expanded its international presence and Raimann products soon enjoyed a global reputation for high quality.

New developments in the machine sector would later draw in additional customers from the furniture industry. However, the rapid expansion was halted by a sudden crash in the 1970s, as market conditions took a decisive turn for the worse. From the embers of the old company, two longstanding employees of B Raimann GmbH, Rolf Heisterkamp and Hans-Heinrich Rottenberger, formed Interholz Raimann GmbH in 1977.

After three years of trading, the successful company moved to a new  production facility in Freiburg-Hochdorf, which remains its head office to this day. Additional milestones include the acquisition of the product range of Jrion Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen GmbH of Lörrach in 1998 and the creation of a sales office in the USA. Raimann circular saws would make a big impression in the North American market.

At the beginning of 2001, Interholz Raimann GmbH joined the international Weinig Group in Tauberbischhofsheim, adopting the name Raimann Holzoptimierung. Today, the company led by Michael Holtmann and Rüdiger Ruh, employs some 80 personnel and trains its own young talent via apprenticeships in all areas of the business.

Raimann wood processing machines are in use in all areas of application of solid wood pre-cutting. Combined with state-of-the-art Weinig scanner technology, Raimann rip saws offer increasing efficiency when it comes to cutting optimisation. The machines make a decisive contribution towards making the production of wood processing companies more profitable and make optimal use of the valuable, CO2-neutral raw material that is wood.
150 years on from its first incarnations, Raimann wood processing technology is more modern than ever. As part of its jubilee celebrations, the Weinig subsidiary presented its state-of-the-art pre-cutting solutions at its Freiburg factory. Besides the proven multi-blade and longitudinal circular saws, crosscut systems and scanners from the Weinig Group were also on display, arranged in individually assembled systems together with separating technology to form highly efficient units.

Raimann also presented a brand new development in EnergyPlus. The central dust extraction system specially developed for Raimann multi-blade circular saws comprises a highly efficient extraction and filter unit as well as a briquette press. The inevitable sawdust, which previously had to be disposed of at significant expense, is processed into briquettes and can thus either act as energy storage or can simply be sold. EnergyPlus is quick and easy to install, is energy-saving and, with its additional value creation, has a very short payback period.