Board manufacturer, Finsa, is seeing an excellent response to the promotion of its Iberpan 400 lightweight veneered MDF since reaching a distribution agreement with Timbmet.

Timbmet is one of the largest distributors of veneered boards and Iberpan 400 in 40 and 50mm thicknesses will be an important addition to its portfolio.

Finsa developed Iberpan 400 to provide a lightweight solution to problems with the excessive weight of thicker panels. A single component product, it avoids some of the problems that occur with thick panels that combine several materials. It machines as easily as any standard panels and accepts any normal fixings and fittings, and yet weighs approximately 400kg per cubic metre making it 40% lighter than standard MDF.

Timbmet stocks the most popular veneer species like oak and walnut for short lead delivery, while Finsa can supply almost any species – maple, sapele, beech and others – on request. For further information on Iberpan 400 from Timbmet contact the Finsa sales team.