Grovewood Machines has been selling the Trend Industrial Tooling’s modular window system for four years and over 250 systems have been sold. Grovewood says it is an affordable way for any joinery shop to produce windows to a high standard quickly and easily.

The company believes that the main benefit of the system is that the fence and spindle height are set once – in seconds with the supplied setting gauge – and all of the slots, tenons and profiles on the outer frame and sash are machined without making any alterations to the machine, except the spindle speed. Any size of window can then be manufactured in two to three hours, according to Grovewood, not the typical six to eight hours.

Each individual tool and spacer is numbered and every style of window comes complete with a wall-chart showing the steps required to manufacture a complete window. “It’s as easy as making windows by numbers,” say Grovewood.

Many of the tools and spacers are common across the eight different window styles, thus making it even more cost-effective when producing more than one type of window.

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