Great deals on first layer undergarments at Snickers Workwear dealers around the UK. This is great news for the parts of the body where you lose most heat – and have to keep warm – because Snickers have a first layer garment to provide just the level of comfort needed. There are hats, undershirts, pants, long johns and socks along with the unbeatably snug XTR body-engineered undergarments.

These special first layer undergarments are designed to keep the wearer warm and to transfer moisture away from the body. If sweat is left lying on the skin you get cold, wet and you will be freezing before you know it. The first layer materials are also blended with nano-sized bamboo charcoals which have anti-odour properties to keep you fresh all day long too.

These working clothes also provide ventilation which gives the ability to control and regulate the heat from the body and, combined with other Snickers winter working clothes, the wearer will get outstanding functionality and performance.

Check out the local Snickers Workwear dealer to find working clothes and accessories to suit almost every working environment and weather condition.

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