As one of the UK’s leading adhesive specialists, Hybond is constantly striving to become a greater source of advantage to its customers by associating themselves with the needs of its clientele. The most effective way of doing this, Hybond has found, is through its exclusive Process Review Service which it offers to assist exisitng and potential customers.

Hybond has many years’ experience in the field of specialist adhesives with a carefully selected technical sales team to offer an increased knowledge and expertise in the field of woodworking adhesive applications. Hybond’s solution-oriented approach combined with a high level of integrity and personal service iare the factors behind the rapid expansion of the business and its service packages over the past years.

Hybond claims it is unique with its product and service offering with several of its own core brands – as well as distributing for some of the largest corporate adhesive manufacturers in the world.  Hybond’s value proposition is all about customer service and technical backup, with a number of what it describes as unique and innovative solutions to customer problems, including its aforementioned Process Review Service.

Hybond’s technical manager says: “We understand the challenges production managers face: pressure to keep production going, rising costs, machine clean-up/maintenance/downtime issues, dealing with hazardous adhesives/solvents, production bottlenecks and all the time – hoping the adhesive is actually being applied correctly and is going to do its job once the finished product has left the factory.”

Hybond says it offers an alternative which costs nothing! This involves a site visit to carry out a quality review of the process. Recommendations are then made that often reduce costs, reduce downtime, speed up production, reduce rejects, reduce stockholding, etc. Machine temperature settings, nozzle settings, etc, will also be checked and a documented report is provided for your records.

Hybond also has its own in-house laboratory and a network of external labs to provide the ability to do carry out many types of comparative or indicative testing. To know if a new design of door or panel will be likely to pass the relevant FIRA certification, Hybond can put it through the test and give you the results. In addition, many of Hybond’s customers want to establish a benchmark for adhesive performance and carry out regular quality checks to ensure performance standards are being met. Hybond has what is needed to carry this out for its customers.

Many blue chip manufacturing companies have experienced the benefits of Hybond’s Process Review Service and have been able to identify areas – and make substantial improvements – of a production process which can save the company money. Case studies of these examples can be viewed on Hybond’s website. Call Hybond today to arrange a free of charge process review.

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