Around 100 customers from across Europe accepted Weinig’s invitation to visit its home in Tauberbischofsheim, Germany for a comprehensive update on trends and developments in planing and profiling. The primary focus of the event was on innovative solutions for large dimensions.

In the Technology Park ExpoCenter, experts used presentations and demonstrations to illustrate how customers can use Weinig systems for the most diverse applications. Starting with the latest generation of moulders with CNC-controlled axes and high-performance PowerCom controls, presentations also included wood-saving technology as well as the latest version of the popular application of structured planing.

The people at Tauberbischofsheim are particularly proud of the planing, free from ‘snipes’ and ‘dips’, which uses angled spindles and is becoming increasingly popular on the market. Depending on capacity, the reduced chip removal can yield savings in the order of millions of euros, says Michael Mosner, sales director of Weinig’s profiling product unit.

Another key topic of the day was organisation of the machine environment. With MillVisionPro, Weinig believes it has a true ace up its sleeve in this department. The production software optimises, processes, reduces throughput times and lowers production costs. A similar increase in efficiency is promised by the new Moulder Master. The software covers all processes of work preparation from the idea to the creation of tools to the finished profile and forwards the data obtained to the PowerCom controls.

Automation is another core area of process optimisation that is gaining in importance. Weinig offers solutions for every requirement in this field too. The day centred around high-performance PowerCom-controlled systems that are operated externally with no tools and claim to increase the productivity of a production line by an entire performance class.

In construction timber production, Weinig has an ever-increasing portfolio. The day included presentations of solutions for four-sided planing with chamfer in a single pass, solutions for glulam beam carriers with hardwood coating as well as the latest developments in CLT production. Using gluing with pre-profiling – depending on board thickness – Weinig says up to 25% wood savings can be achieved.

Chief sales officer Stephan Weber believes Weinig is well positioned in the planing and profiling market. “A Weinig customer has the security of obtaining an entire portfolio from us and with absolute process reliability,” he emphasises.

Welcome by chief sales officer Stephan Weber:  customers from all over Europe came to the Weinig profiling theme day in Tauberbischofsheim