Both marks, in their heydays, had niche market appeal, Stag for very modern designs appealing to aspirational families and Ducal for producing high quality, country-style, pine furniture. Each was developed around a skilled, craftsman-based, UK manufacturing facility. Manufacturing ceased in 2003 for Ducal and three years later for Stag.

The trademarks, which are held at word level under Classification 20 (Furniture), form part of a library, accrued by KB Import & Export Ltd (in liquidation) encompassing a range of names/ marks in diverse classifications including home appliances, electrical and pets.

The agent handling the sale, Howard Eastwood of Walker Singleton Chartered Surveyors, comments: “The high level marks of Stag and Ducal, into which substantial capital has been invested in bringing the brands together, are unquestionably the most recognisable within the library. They offer a future owner, whether an established manufacturer/retailer or a business seeking immediate brand presence, an opportunity to revitalise these iconic brands, known to a generation and respected for their quality and styles of furniture.”