The event, with a definite business leaning, was attended by over 300 important customers from 23 countries throughout the world, all interested in the latest edgebanding solutions, from the most simple and flexible machine to the really top performance line.

Sixteen different, fully-operating solutions demonstrated the SCM Group’s ability to meet the needs of every manufacturer and operator and satisfy every type of job order required in today's competitive market – 16 solutions focusing on the real needs of a market constantly searching for improved flexibility, automation and processing cost reduction, where the absolute quality of the edgebanding is a fundamental pre-requisite.

The centre stage was taken up by the new Stefani Solution HD B – the electronic single-sided edgebanding machine that's truly universal, as it can apply melamine-coated edges or edges in ABS, PVC, PMMA and other materials in every possible finish, as well as pre-cut veneer strips and wooden strips, and is highly productive, with fast feed speeds of up to 30m per minute.

It is a solution designed to offer the best performance with minimum investment, guaranteeing reliability and the possibility to easily program any machining operation, thanks to an ultra-modern 3D interface with the user – plus factors that make the new Stefani edgebanding machine powerful, safe, effective and extremely user-friendly, even for less experienced operators. Also, starting from now, it is also economically advantageous!

Amongst the many technological features are two-motor panel rounding tool that produces a high quality finish, and the belt pressure system that ensures accurate, vibration-free component transportation through the machine.

All new five configurations, a range that will satisfy any processing requirements, may be equipped as an option with the Save€nergy system that ensures energy savings of up to 9% and at least 20km of edgebanding saved per year, with an extraction system that draws in over 98% of shavings and dust generated during machining.

The SCM Group has recently introduced the Slim-Line system – the application of glue on the edge rather than on the panel. This means better glue distribution and an almost invisible layer of glue. It is a solution that ensures exceptional aesthetic qualities with far less investment compared with laser technology, about 50% glue savings, and an excellent performance.

In Thiene, Catas, the most important independent Italian institute for research and testing in the timber and furniture industries, presented the results of the tests carried out on the components edgebanded with Stefani's Slim-Line system: top class results leading to certification, TEST UNI 9240:1987 for adhesion and tearing, TEST DIN 68930 for heat/humidity climate cycle and TEST UNI 9242:1987 for edgebanding resistance to heat, with top marks achieved.

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