When significant new exhibitors such as BA Components are appearing on the W14 floorplan at an unprecedented rate, it is clear that the 2014 show will genuinely have everything for the UK manufacturer. As the clouds of recession are pushed away it can be expected next year’s W14 event to fulfil its billing of showing everything needed by UK joinery and furniture manufacturers.

Within this expansion W14 organiser, Huddlestone, points out that most machinery brands will again be represented – the majority of which will be actually running and demonstrating equipment at the show.

Long-standing exhibitor JMJ Woodworking Machinery is the latest to increase its presence at the show. The improved economy, investment incentives and the event’s co-location with Timber Expo, are seeing other suppliers raise their 2014 investment

The freedom of materials suppliers to book what space remains amongst the machinery is allowing some interesting partnerships to show up at W14. New opportunities to see some materials directly alongside machinery are proving quite a hit for those closely linked to the technology names.

It has been shown that visitors to any exhibition appreciate the brands which have taken the time and trouble to meet them at an exhibition – by actually purchasing from them! As manufacturers invest again, this will pay dividends for W14 exhibitors right through to the 2016 event.