After many months of research and development at Decorative Panels Lamination, dp-BioCote Quartz is ready to clean up in the marketplace.

Working as a partner company with BioCote®, Decorative Panels Lamination has launched a range of commercially-available sheet materials that offers exceptional abrasion and antibacterial properties.

The manufacturing process of the surface material and the addition of the BioCote® additive results in the surface being highly abrasion-resistant – in fact it far exceeds the abrasion resistance of a standard high pressure worktop.

When tested against resistance to clinical cleaning products, dp-BioCote Quartz sees positive results in all areas. Testing the parameters with regards to wet and dry heat, as well as a number of liquids that commonly leave distinctive marks, the product also passes with flying colours.

By including the BioCote® additive into the surface of the product, dp-BioCote Quartz is able to give up to a 99.9% germ free surface* by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and mould.
This means that the product surface is protected against the growth of staining and odour-causing microbes which may prematurely degrade the material.

Both in laboratory and real life conditions, BioCote® has been proven effective against a wide range of clinically significant bacteria including MRSA, MSSA, E.Coli, legionella pneumophila, pseudomonas aeruginosa, salmonella typhimurium and enteritidis, listeria monocytogenes, VRE, campylobacter and novovirus.

Tests have shown that within just 15 minutes microbrial contamination has reduced by up to 80% and that after two hours reductions of up to 99.9% can be expected.

In choosing to work alongside BioCote®, Decorative Panels will be able to draw on the knowledge and support of a company that is recognised as being a pioneer in the global provision of antimicrobial solutions. Significantly the BioCote® additive not only acts in minutes, it also works continuously and lasts a lifetime – it does not degrade.

In terms of product range, dp-BioCote Quartz is launched as a range of six decors, three popular woodgrains and three unicolours available for lamination across the extensive range of substrate materials available from Decorative Panels Lamination. The potential for this product extends over an array of market areas.

Initial customer contact and presentations have proved very positive with a high degree of interest and enthusiasm being shown for the product. Market areas such as hospitals, health centres, schools, care homes, student accommodation, and of course office and contract furniture, would all benefit from product manufactured from a sheet material with high abrasion and antibacterial-resistant properties.

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*Tested in accordance with ISO22196:2011