Ostermann has recognised the signs of the times and has been observing the developments of edge processing in the trade and the machine industry. The product management team has been in regular communication with all major machine manufacturers. The result: as the trade expects an economically attractive and high-quality solution for the production of furniture with zero joints, all the machine manufacturers in this segment are now relying on the latest hot-air technology.

Zero-joint for small businesses
Ostermann believes today that the hot-air method will be the edging trend of tomorrow. That’s why Ostermann supports this technology and immediately provides the Airtec edge to the trade. This edging will be available in many colours, designs and dimensions, supplied with a specially developed Airtec functional layer.

Osterman’s Airtec edging
In order to bond the Ostermann Airtec edging with the board and get an overall jointless appearance (key phrase – zero joint), the Airtec layer is activated by using over 300°C hot air and then it is pressed against the board. The functional coating of the Airtec edging can only be activated by hot air. Other processing methods are not permitted.YThe Ostermann Airtec edging will be recognised by its new Airtec logo, on which the activation of the functional layer with hot air only, is highlighted again.

Again, a new service from Ostermann
The Ostermann Airtec edging was developed and tested with leading machine manufacturers. Yet again one of the expert firms in edging is living up to its billing as a fast and reliable supplier by offering a lead time of only five working days.

More than just hot air
Leading machine manufacturers such as Homag, Brandt, Biesse, IMA Klessmann and Schugoma have, in recent months, brought new hot air machines and units to the market. These hot air machines are considerably cheaper than the state-of-the-art laser technology and achieve similar results. Even when it comes to energy consumption, the hot air machine of the new generation, scores well.