Leading woodworking machinery and components supplier, Ney Ltd, has launched its latest materials catalogue.

The 80-page guide, which represents the latest edging and foils from the Coventry-based supplier, has updated its existing brochure to include an extended foils range, the latest edging technologies and up-to-date colour matching from some of the biggest suppliers in the industry.

Boasting an attractive, image-led design, the brochure illustrates the vast options available with easy-to-follow size and colour charts, sample shots and room-set images.

The A4 brochure also includes a bonding and jointing, cleaning and repairing and T-bar section which offers readers advice, product descriptions, directions for use and stock profiles.

Gerd Ney, managing director adds: “Our new materials brochure proves that we’re dedicated to supporting the smaller manufacturer. Many foil and edging suppliers will expect you to order in volume from them. This isn’t a realistic option for many smaller businesses. They need flexibility, next day delivery and the option to choose small quantities in several designs. Here at Ney, we offer exactly that.”