Leading supplier of tooling to British industry, Leitz Tooling developed its ThermoTech Window System tooling for the efficient manufacture of high quality A-rated thermal storm-proof and flush, casement timber windows. The system is complete, compliant and scalable. It also provides reductions in waste and sanding and increased performance and finish.

Based on 18 variations of energy-rated timber window manufacture, the BFRC licenses can be purchased by a company manufacturing timber windows using Leitz ThermoTech Window System stack tooling. The licenses enable manufacturers to respond to increasing consumer requests for energy-rated windows and offer a competitive advantage.

At launch, licences are available for 18 versions, accommodating variations in materials, type and thicknesses on designs for six types of storm-proof and 12 types of flush, casement timber windows. More are already planned, including tilt-and-turn, box sash, aluminium-clad and Passive House compatible, alongside others.

How much do the licences cost?
Payable directly to BFRC, a single ThermoTech Window System licence costs £300 excluding VAT per year, or manufacturers can purchase all 18 licences for a maximum annual fee of £840 excluding VAT.

Leitz can also help companies arrange the annual audit necessary for licences to be valid. Each licence comes with energy certificate labels for the finished products, PDF versions of the licences and full colour energy certificate vehicle livery stickers.

Every licenced company will be listed on the BFRC website, and, according to a survey of BFRC-registered installers last year, 74% acquired new customer enquiries through BFRC registration.

Features and benefits
The features and benefits of the ThermoTech Window System mean that on all designs, U-values of the timber windows are 1.4 or better, the designs are expandable for different hinges, and the profiles on the system are easily changed without the need to purchase extra tools. The system is available as dedicated sets for spindle moulders, tenoners, CNC machine centres and window machines.

BFRC is the independent authority for rating the energy efficiency of windows and doors in England and Wales. The BFRC energy ratings label – similar to those found on washing machines and fridges – means that homeowners can be sure exactly what product they are buying and can compare competing products.

“BFRC is delighted to have signed up Leitz and significantly added to the number of timber-framed windows that will now be BFRC rated,” comments BFRC managing director Chris Mayne. “This increases the choice available for homeowners and the numbers that will be able to receive a BFRC Homeowner Energy Ratings Certificate.”

Leitz Tooling UK managing director, Simon Liddell, says: “Our ThermoTech Window System tooling is not only as accessible and as future-proof as we can make it, but includes all the support our customers might need – which now includes making BFRC energy rated timber window licences available for products manufactured with our system. Modern timber windows continue to gain market share in the UK and with companies looking to diversify and gain a competitive advantage, we are doing all we can to help level the playing field for timber window manufacturers.”