The first machine is a very sturdy machine having three sanding units in a working width of 1900mm. This super-sized sander, having a weight of 8000kg, was delivered to a company which will be calibrating, veneer sanding and denibbing large panels – all types of sanding combined in just one machine.

To that end, the machine from Boere’s Elite range has been equipped with several extras which makes it a completely tailor-made sander. By using a touch screen with clear pictograms, operation stays easy though. Also, sanding programmes can be made and entered on before-hand.

The second machine is completely different in that it is going to very deftly sand, extremely small, laser-cut wooden parts.

To facilitate this, a large industrial machine is not necessary, so a machine from Boere’s Sandrite range was specified and adapted to the needs of the customer, with, for example, a special conveyor belt.

Some parts are only a couple of square inches in size, however, feeding them along the entire width of the machine saves an incredible amount of time.

Further information on the Boere’s customer-led sanding machines can be obtained at Calderbrook Woodworking Machinery Ltd.