Designed to maximise the effectiveness of the entire production process, 2020 Insight manages and automates each individual workflow; from the initial design, right through to the order entry and manufacturing stage, each process is programmed to deliver agility, better performance and cost efficiency back into the business.

Already a dominant player in the UK design software market, 2020 Technologies boasts over 60% of kitchen dealers and retailers including big names such as Ikea, Nobia and B&Q. 2020 says its software is the the solution currently able to support both the design and manufacturing process, providing complete end-to-end capability.

Bringing over 25 years of continuous software development and knowledge to an industry where remaining cost effective is paramount; striking the perfect balance between flexibility and automation is essential.

From order entry through to the design process, engineering through to shop floor production, 2020 Insight delivers key functionality that enables furniture manufacturers to better manage production capacity across multiple plants.

Combining real-time planning and interactive scheduling from a single source, the master scheduling capability allows the manufacturer to easily identify potential bottlenecks in production and proactively manage the workload; resulting in a better managed plant and reduced operating costs.

By delivering a product that offers not only considerable functionality and capability, but also reliability and quality; 2020 says its Insight software enables furniture manufacturers to combine traditional processes with revolutionary technology; helping streamline production, improve productivity and maintain cost effectiveness.

Steve Edge, director sales manufacturing for 2020, says: “We have our eyes firmly focused on the future of technology within this industry; automation will be a significant and instrumental factor moving forward. 2020 provides an already powerful and highly efficient solution that will enhance the flow of information whilst enabling better co-ordination and optimisation throughout every step of the manufacturing process.

“Innovation within this sector will continue to push the advancement of technology even faster; it won’t be long before we start to see the connection between the retailers front-end design tools and the manufacturing back-end driving additional efficiency to the whole process, whilst further reducing cost and that all important lead time.”

2020 Insight - key features

Integrated Order Processing
Manufacturing operations can be tightly integrated into sales processes to simplify order creation, improve price accuracy and improve shop floor execution.

Engineering Automation
Automation of manufacturing data creation improves and accelerates product innovation without adding new resources.

Product and Process Configuration
A flexible configuration approach allows you to accurately model products and processes with all the required manufacturing information. Parametric CAD-based engineering models and powerful rules-based BoM configurations work in harmony to supply automated data generation for complex products.

Production Planning
Automated demand planning and purchasing capabilities not only improve productivity and reduce inventory costs but they also efficiently support made-to-order operations.

Shop Floor Execution
Improve productivity, accuracy and efficiency on the shop floor through automation and real-time production management.

InResponse Workflow Engine
A real-time system that automates repetitive tasks enforces business rules and automatically generates alerts and notifications, allowing you to resolve issues faster.

Integrated Business Intelligence
Enhance decision making with an intuitive tool to analyze your operational data through customizable and interactive charts and graphs.

Business System Integration
Transactional manufacturing data is integrated into your finance, customer relationship management and other business support systems using standard interfaces.