Duvivier Productions has reaffirmed its trust in Lectra by choosing the Versalis solution to increase its leather cutting production and support its business development strategy.

Recently, the manufacturer has been using Lectra solutions for the design and development of its models, as well as for leather and fabric cutting. With this new acquisition, it now has an integrated solution, spanning leather identification and analysis to cutting, and including automated market making and material cost analysis.

In 2007, the company was awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV), or Company of Living Heritage label from the French state in recognition of its outstanding savoir-faire in using and working with authentic and natural leather, as well as in leather cutting, stitching and lining.

“The EPV rewards our commitment to quality. We want to preserve our expertise in traditional and technical production methods while keeping our manufacturing base in France. We are proud to receive this label and we deserve it. Lectra solutions help contribute to this success on a daily basis,” says Didier Leruste, president of Duvivier Productions.

To win new markets abroad, develop its own brands and meet the growing demands of  the luxury sector, Duvivier Productions’ goal is to boost leather cutting volume by 25% to 30%, representing a total of 90 hides a day on average, with production peaks of up to 140 hides daily.

In response to this rising activity, Lectra has implemented the Versalis solution and latest versions of marker-making and pattern-making software Formaris and Diamino to accompany Duvivier Productions in strengthening its organisation and improving product development and manufacturing processes.

“The Versalis solution enables me to track material consumption in real time and to gain better traceability over my production,” says Dean Leullier, production manager at Duvivier Productions. He can thus control the entire process from the digitalisation and visualisation of hide defects to integrated marker-making and automated cutting.

“Improving productivity and ensuring a continual high level of quality, a key factor of Duvivier’s DNA, to meet our contractor’s needs especially in the luxury sector, strongly influenced my decision to choose Versalis. In addition, I knew I could count on Lectra’s support and the high level of service its teams provide,” says Didier Leruste.

The furniture market in France has undergone profound changes. “Increasing price pressure and the rise in commodity prices are all signs of a tougher environment for manufacturers. Our technological solutions, combined with the help of our experts, will allow Duvivier Productions to resize its industrial base,” says Céline Choussy Bedouet, marketing director for automotive, furniture, technical textiles and composite materials, Lectra.

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