The highly-regarded Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) provides a comprehensive range of independent expert services to the UK and international furniture supply chain – and also to the ultimate furniture consumers.

The association is well respected within Europe and around the world by designers and manufacturers of furniture which require high performance parameters – these firms rely on FIRA to test finished furniture parts to aggressive industry standards.

For example BS 6222 Part 3 test method is designed to test PVC wrapped door fronts in a simulated high temperature environment. The doors spend nine days in the oven starting at 40ºC and ending at 60ºC. At each stage, the door edges are checked for any spontaneous delamination or shrinkage and are graded accordingly.

Kleiberit submitted panels manufactured with its new grade 431.7 and achieved the highest pass possible, a five star rating. Inspection of the samples after the test finished showed no delamination or shrinkage whatsoever.

Customers using 431.7 can now be assured that door panels produced with this technology will result in performance levels at the top end of the market.